Healthy 10 minutes one pot lunch meal (POHA CHOLE)

Poha is a popular Indian dish that comes in a variety of variations around the country. Poha has taken a back seat to a variety of breakfast dishes such as oatmeal and pancakes but still has numerous health benefits and is light on the stomach when consumed, making it an ideal dish for meals including breakfast and lunch.

Poha is the key ingredient of the recipe; “One-Pot Lunch” and is also encompassed with other nutritious ingredients including a variety of veggies such as tomato, onion, carrot, corns, and capsicum. Along with that, it also includes boiled channa, peanuts, and a variety of spices.


  1. Easily digestible and light on the gut.
  2. Helps regulated blood sugar levels.
  3. Boost the immunity.
  4. Promotes muscle mass.
  5. Enhances hair, skin, and nail health.
  6. Satiates hunger and helps avoid overeating.
  7. Aids in weight loss and management.


COOKING TIME: 10 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 15 minutes

Serves: 1-2

Calories: 195 Kcal/ Serve


1.Poha1 cup
2.Boiled Chana/ Chole¾ cup
3.GarlicAs required
4.Mustard SeedsAs required
5.Corn¼ cup
11.Curry leavesAs required
12.SaltAs required
13.TurmericAs required
14.Other spicesAs required


  1. Wash the poha nicely and drain out the water.
  2. In a pan/kadhai, add some oil and mustard seeds.
  3. Once they start to crackle, add chopped garlic, curry leaves, onion, essential spices (as per your taste).
  4. Add little water to let the spices infuse and mix well.
  5. Then add corns and carrots, and mix well.
  6. Let that cook for a while with a lid on.
  7. Now add chopped capsicum, and boiled chana, mix again, and turn the lid on for the vegetables to cook.
  8. Add chopped tomato and repeat the same.
  9. Now it’s turn for the poha to be added to the pan.
  10. Also, add peanuts and give them a nice mix.
  11. Add some water and turn the lid on.
  12. Your “One-pot lunch meal” is now ready to serve.
  13. You can consume it with fresh homemade curd.


Poha is a wholesome food in itself. It’s high in carbohydrates, iron, fiber, antioxidants, and important vitamins, and is also gluten-free.

Boiled Chana is an incredible source of vitamins like B6, C, folate, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin, and minerals including manganese, phosphorus, iron, and copper. It is undoubtedly an amazing source of protein and fiber too.

Peanuts are rich in protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. They are also an incredible source of magnesium, folate, Vitamin E, copper, and arginine.

And, VEGGIES, these are the storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals along with being loaded with fiber.

390 Kcal68 g12.7 g7.34 g

Calories: 195 Kcal/ Serve

You can always rely on this delectable and healthful lunch meal.

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