Healthy Food To Avoid In Dinner

There are some food which are very healthy but should be avoided in dinner. These food although considered healthy are bad dinner food and result in disrupting the weight loss process. Healthy dinner is linked to good sleep, lower inflammation, bloating, greater resilience to stress, better digestion and stable blood sugar levels. Here are the food items which should be avoided in dinner.

Quick or instant oats

  • Quick oats are good for breakfast not dinner
  • That is because of their high glycemic index
  • High glycemic index food rapidly increases the blood sugar levels in the body
  • This means it provides instant energy to the body
  • Quick oats have an glycemic index of 72 which is very high
  • Instead one can consume steel cut oats which have a glycemic index of 42

Only salads

  • Salad that is only raw salad are low calorie high fiber food
  • However, the body needs protein and fat as well to boost metabolism and for good sleep as well
  • Avoid raw cruciferous veggies and leafy green veggies for dinner

Green tea

  • Avoid consuming green tea with any meal
  • Tea has caffeine which can interfere with sleep and also disturb digestion

Dark chocolate

  • Chocolate contains caffeine that can cause difficulty in sleeping
  • Caffeine is also associated with problems including restlessness, nervousness, nausea, stomach irritation and increased heart rate etc


  • As per ayurveda, consuming curd at night is not healthy as it increases kapha dosha in the body
  • Curd at night can harm good digestion
  • People with digestive issues should avoid yogurt
  • Eating curd at night also increases inflammation

Fruits / fruits juices

  • Fruits at night can interfere with the digestive system and sound sleep
  • Fruits get digested faster and are pushed from the stomach to the intestine much faster

Acidic foods

  • Another trigger for acid reflux at night is high acidity food
  • Things like citrus juice, raw onion, white wine and tomato sauce etc can disturb sleep by making heartburn worse
  • Eating certain food like banana and oranges can result in sore throat


  • Nuts have a great nutrient profile but these come from high amount of calories
  • It is best to consume nuts in the morning or the calories won’t get converted to energy

Red meat

  • Red meat like mutton or pork are also high fat and high calorie food
  • Instead stick to the healthier white meat like chicken etc to get protein for the body

Some other important pointers

  • Don’t eat too close to bedtime
  • Plan for your meals in advance, this results in consumption of healthy food
  • Eat without any distractions like tv, computer etc
  • Avoid too salty / sugary food
  • Avoid store bought dips or dressings
  • Avoid smoothies in dinner as well

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