My Morning Routine During Lockdown

How your morning routine is dictates how the rest of the day is going to be. Being in a state of lockdown and not moving out for work or for any other purpose implies that we have to be extra strict with our routine and time.

The start

  • My day starts at 0500 hours
  • Waking up early giving me adequate time to finish my chores and concentrate on my child for his classes
  • I have a glass of lukewarm water the moment I wake up
  • Glass of water is followed by oil pulling with cold pressed coconut oil
  • Oil pulling is then followed by rinsing of mouth with warm salt mouth
  • Then I brush my teeth and wash my face


  • After my morning routine, I study for an hour in the morning
  • The study is from 0530 to 0630 hours in the morning
  • Waking up early gives me adequate time to prepare and study without any disturbance

Morning drink

  • My morning drink is at 0630 hours
  • Currently I’m consuming wild amla juice as my morning juice
  • Amla juice is a powerhouse of vitamin C
  • The amla juice i use consists of amlas which are cold pressed in order to retain their nutritional benefits
  • Make sure you shake the bottle properly before use
  • Fill the plastic cap with 30 ml and mix water before drinking
  • Consume this juice twice a day for maximum benefits

Benefits of consuming amla juice

  • Amlas are good for skin and hair
  • Weight management would be easy when juice is a part of your fitness regime
  • This juice helps soothe inflammation and clear out dandruff
  • Amla juice helps build immunity and help you stay away from cold and viral infections
  • Amlas enhance your oral health by reducing bad breath and preventing ulcers

Post study

  • I complete my you tube work from 0630 to 0730 hours


  • I consume my pre workout snack at 0730 hours
  • This pre workout snack provides me the energy I need to complete the workout
  • Currently I consume 1 cup watermelon as my preworkout snack
  • My workout is from 0800 to 0900 hours
  • The morning I wrote this article, I


  • Post my workout, I prepare breakfast for my family
  • The breakfast is light and healthy at the same time

Morning chores

  • The last activity of the morning is finishing the morning chores
  • I clean the house after the workout
  • The morning routine finishes with breakfast at 1030 hours
  • This mroning the breakfast was 1/2 cup sabudana khicdi with 1 1/2 cup veggies and 1 scramble egg

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