Are You Drinking Your Water Correctly

Upto 95 % people drink water the wrong way. Water is essential for survival of the human body. It is needed for all our basic functions including metabolism, cellular activity and our immune system. 75-80 % of human body is made up of fluid. We’ve tried to clear all the misconceptions on consumption of water.

How much water should you drink ?

  • Drinking less or more water can greatly affect your health
  • Drinking less water can affect the functioning of your entire body
  • Drinking excess water on the other hand may put pressure on the kidney
  • Excess water can affect blood volumes, can lead to electrolyte imbalance and even put pressure on the brain
  • Excess water in extreme cases can cause internal injuries as well
  • Drink water when you feel thirsty
  • Look for signals such as mild headache, tiredness, light hunger pangs, dry lips and dark colour of urine
  • As a thumb rule, you need 35 ml water per kg of your body weight
  • Consumption of water will also vary as per the temperature and location

How should you drink water ?

  • Best way to drink water is while sitting
  • Consume water in small sips so that your saliva can get mixed in water and help in digestion and other functions as well
  • To start with you can use a reusable bamboo to get into the habit of drinking water slowly

Which water to drink ?

  • With tap water, boiled water, filtered water, RO water etc, choosing the right kind of water can be extremely tricky
  • Boiling water kills some pathogens and viruses but not all
  • Boiling is also not useful for chemicals and heavy metals which are present in the water
  • As you cool down water after boiling, there is a high chance of the bacteria multiplying again
  • Instead of boiling water, try reverse osmosis which is a very safe way of consuming water
  • RO takes tap water and forces ir through a semipermeable membrane
  • This membrane only allows water molecules to pass through
  • The end result is water which is 99 % pure and safe to drink

Hot or cold water : which is better ?

  • It’s best to drink water at room temperature
  • Drinking very cold water can cause bad throat or cough
  • Drinking water which is too hot can have side effects as well

When should you drink water ?

  • You must drink water in the morning, post shower, before and after meal and post workout
  • Consume water when you feel thristy, instead of forcing yourself to have water

Wrong combination ?

  • Avoid drinking water with meals, specially oily food
  • Avoid drinking water just before you go for shower
  • Avoid using plastic bottles, help save the environment, save water and save the planet

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