One Week Detox Diet Plan

Better digestion and nutritional absorption along with the liver’s and kidney’s efficient processing of toxins are absolutely critical for great health. That’s the reason why this one week cleansing detox program can be a powerful tool to rejuvenate your body and skin from inside out. The key is to ease yourself into the program. This detox diet week diet plan is a plan that slowly eases you into the detox as you reach he 3rd and 4th day. This 7 day detox diet plan can help you trim down for an event, or reset yur cravings. The reason this detox diet plan can work so well is the plethora of fruits and vegetables that you consume in this plan. Fruits and vegetables help scrub your body clean by removing toxins and extra body fat.

Highlights of this diet plan

  • Low carbs diet plan
  • Moderate protein
  • Moderate fat
  • High liquid

Benefits of this detox plan

  • Removes toxins from liver and kidney
  • Optimises the digestive system
  • Refuels the body with healthy nutrients
  • Helps in muscle recovery
  • Removes impurities from the lymph and intestine
  • Boosts immunity and metabolism
  • It promotes fat loss
  • Supports and promotes healthy gut microbiome
  • Provides the body with easily absorbed nutrients
  • More energy and reduce inflammation
  • Is very good for the skin

This diet plan is divided into three parts

  • Day 1-2        :        Only fruits, vegetbales and seeds
  • Day 3-4        :        Brings back light grain and pulses
  • Day 5-7        :        Slowly getting back on normal eating
  • Make sure you use fresh and seasonal ingredients

What does this diet plan include

  • Day 1 :        All day liquid diet
  • Day 2 :        Salads with liquids
  • Day 3 :        Start with one whole meal with other salad and liquid meals
  • Day 4 :        One whole meal with other salad and liquid meals
  • No dairy or wheat in the first 4 days
  • Day 5 :        Intruduction of dairy in form of curd and other 2 grain like ragi
  • Day 6 :        Start with proper three meals keep them low carbs, moderate protain and moderate fat
  • Day 7 :        Bring back wheat in one meal
  • Detox water is to be consumed daily
  • 2-3 servings of detox tea daily
  • You can do light to moderate workout on first 3 days
  • From day 4 you can start moderate to intense workout

Calories breakup of the diet plan

  • Day 1-2        :        Under 500-600 calories
  • Day 3-4        :        Under 1000 calories
  • Day 5-6        :        Under 1300 calories
  • Day 7           :        Under 1300-1400 calories







Day 1

Apple, beetroot and amla juice

Handful roasted pumpkin seeds with coconut water

Cucumber, carrot and lemon juice

Herbal detox tea with roasted seeds

Spinach pumpkin or carrot soup

Day 2

Orange, carrot and wheatgrass juice

Handful roasted pumpkin seeds with coconut water

Mix veg salad

Herbal detox tea with roasted seeds

Mix veg soup with ginger

Day 3

Banana almond milk (12-14 almonds)

Steamed carrots with sesame seeds

1 medium cup rice with yellow dal and sabzi

Herbal detox tea with roasted seeds

Vegetable stew

Day 4

Apple carrot smoothie in almond milk

Raw carrots and cucumber

Oats mix veg poha with dal

Herbal detox tea with roasted seeds

Palak dal soup and veggies

Day 5

Ragi vegetable chilla with flax seeds powder

Any seasonal fruit

½ cup rice, 1 cup dal, 1 cup sabzi, ¾ cup dahi with salad

Herbal tea with handful roasted chana in jaggery

Steamed veggies

Day 6

Mix veg poha with seeds

Any  seasonal fruit

Ragi roti with sabzi, kala chana, dahi and salad

Herbal detox tea with roasted chana

40 grams grilled paneer with veggies amd some ghee

Day 7

Multigrain chilla

(oats, besan, ragi) with dahi

Any  seasonal fruit

Wheat roti with moong dal, sabzi, dahi and salad

Herbal tea or turmeric milk

Methi carrot sabzi with quinoa soup

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