Is Walking The Best Exercise

Walking is one of the best form of physical exercises that is easy, convenient and accessible to most of the people. Walking helps you burn calories, which can help you lose weight and keep away from it. Let’s see what are the benefits of walking, the correct posture and speed you need to walk at

Full Body Walking Workout At Home

Walking is probably one of the most underrated form of exercises. Research shows that walking is a surprisingly strong health and fitness strategy. Although considered a low impact cardio activity, when combined with some regular exercises in a workout routine it will do wonders to your health. Performed with full intensity you can finish 5000

Walking for Weight Loss

Walking for Weight Loss : Benefits, Technique

Walking is the oldest exercise known to humans. Walking is more than a way to get around. Walking is a way to improve fitness, burn calories and reduce the health risk of inactivity. Walking in the park, Walking in the neighbourhood at an easy pace keeps you active and helps you reap benefits. You get