Winter Routine To Stay Fit

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. I’m very excited to share my new healthy winter morning routine with all of you. How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of the day. If you stick to some basic morning habits / routine, you feel productive, healthy and energetic for the rest of the day. In the present scenario, it is best to stay at home, cementing some morning habits to concentarte better on your physical and mental health.

Getting up

  • I usually get up by 0430 hours
  • First thing after waking up is consuming three glasses of luke warm water
  • I consume the water at about 0500 hours
  • Post which I get going with my morning routine
  • The morning routine includes combing my hair, oil pulling, brushing my teeth


  • Irrespective of what stage of life you’re at. It is imperative to continue gaining knowledge
  • I spend two hours daily in the morning studying
  • Apart from studying, I also carry research for my you tube videos to bring out quality and original content for all my viewers


  • Meditaion daily is very important for me to get my thoughts in place
  • I meditate around 0650 hours daily
  • I meditate for about 10-15 minutes daily


  • My day doesn’t really start if I don’t get my daily dose of workout
  • I workout between 0700 to 0800 hours daily
  • I’ve started taking online fitness classes as it is much easier to follow

Morning drink

  • As I’m still in my fasting window, I consume my morning drink
  • This morning drink right now is aloe vera juice
  • I consume this around 0800 hours in the morning


  • I start preparing for my breakfast around 0815 hours
  • Today I’m making bathua besan chilla which is very healthy

First meal of the day

  • My first meal of day is at 0900 hours
  • It consists of soaked nuts and dry fruits
  • I break my fast with this meal

My Protein Shake

  • I consume my protein shake around 0920 hours
  • I’m consuming ‘Oziva Protein & Herbs For Women’
  • This is the first protein shake especially made for women
  • It contains protein, multivitamins and number of ayurvedic herbs and plant extracts
  • This protein shake is very effective in improving metabolism
  • It is very good for improving skin and hair
  • It is equally good for maintaining hormonal balance since it contains shatavari, flaxseed, tulsi and curcumin extracts
  • This protein shake is soy free, gluten free and does not contain any artificial sweetners or preservatives

How to consume

  • Take about 3/4 scoop of this protein shake
  • Add it in a glass of water
  • Drink it normally like any other drink


  • Along with the chilla, I also grill some veggies on the tawa
  • My breakfast is at 0940 hours
  • It consists of 1 chilla, tawa grilled veggies and one whole egg


  • My chai is usually desi chai
  • I consume it at around 1020 hours
  • Along with the tea, I go online to check my social media

Rest of the morning

  • My rest of the morning is dedicated to taking care of my little boy
  • I help him out with his morning routine routine and then sit with him for his morning classes
  • All the classes are being conducted online which in itself is a challenge

Mid morning snack

  • My mid morning snack consists of one orange
  • I also try and spend some time in the morning taking care of small garden in the balcony

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