10 Most Effective Weight Loss Habits

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Habits make a huge difference in your quest for weight loss and fitness. There are very basic and simple habits which make a huge difference in the health routine. If done properly, these habits can help you lose that extra weight. Let’s see what are these habits and how can you gain from following these simple habits.

To do list

  • Make a to do list for your health
  • Putting your tasks on paper makes you more conscious, clear, committed, disciplined, accountable and aware of what you should be doing
  • Don’t clutter your list especially at the beginning, start with 2-3 things on the list
  • For eg, writing down daily workout time and routine, fruit servings, vegetables servings etc

Clean and resolve before going to bed

  • Make sure you your space before you hit the bed
  • That ways once you wake up, you have a clear mind and you’re not irritated with your surrondings
  • Sort out and write down possible solutions to anticipated problems before going to sleep

Meal planning

  • Prepare your meal plan on weekly or fortnightly basis
  • Include fruits, vegetables and other important nutrients in your diet
  • Similarly plan other thigs like workout or your work schedule as well


  • All systems in your body work in sync when you have a set routine
  • Make a bedtime routine, morning routine, eating schedule, cleaning routine, self care routine

Spend some time in silence

  • Meditate for some time every day
  • You can meditate in your own way as there is no set magic meditation method or remedy

Manage and focus on energy and then time

  • Eat food that makes you energetic
  • Take walks, stay in correct posture, take proper breaths

Concentrate on your diet

  • Eat a fruit daily, include vegetables in your diet
  • Consume adequate protein on a daily basis

Excuses and distractions

  • Make a list of excuses and distractions
  • This will make you more aware
  • Guard yourself against making excuses and avoid distractions which come in your way


  • Go offline
  • Practice digital detox daily
  • Delete all unnecessary apps in your phone
  • Use the thus free time to read books, talk to family and friends, try learning something new everyday


  • Include sufficient amount of vitamin D in yur diet
  • At the same time stay adequately hydrated during the day

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