Simple Habits To Inculcate For Massive Weight Loss

12 Simple Habits for Massive Weight Loss

Simple Habits To Inculcate For Massive Weight Loss

In the new year a number of us set new goals for ourselves. One of the most common goal or aim for everyone is to stay fit and healthy. Lose weight to gain confidence and avoid lifestyle diseases which are so common in today’s world. When it comes to weight loss or adopting a healthy lifestyle, it’s the simple and small things which make all the difference. Making few minor changes in your daily routine can help you lose weight and keep it away from you for good. Here’s a list of 12 simple day to day habits that you can incorporate into your daily life to aid your weight loss process. Done properly these simple can turn your weight loss dream into a reality.

1. Follow time restricted eating

  • It’s very important to give adequate rest to your digestive system
  • To start with you can follow 14 :10 method that is eating window of 10 hours and taking a break from solid food for 14 hours
  • This provides a intermittent cleanse to your digestive system for it to be up and running for the next day
  • Time restricted eating is possible only if you have your dinner early
  • Gradually you can look to move to intermittent fasting that is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating window in a day

2. Eating properly

  • One of the most under rated habits is eating properly
  • Not paying attention to your food while eating will cause you to overeat and not chew your food properly
  • Eat slowly
  • Eat in small bites, cherish and love the food you’re eating
  • Chew your food properly. This is taught to us since childhood, proper chewing of food assists in digestion of food
  • Avoid any distractions like tv, mobile or too much talking while you have your food

3. Eating balanced diet

  • It’s extremely important to have a balanced diet
  • Including food from all food groups is essential as your body needs all the nutrients, minerals and vitamins
  • Adopt the healthy plating method
  • Half of your plate should be covered with vegetables including seasonal green vegetables
  • One quarter of the plate should be lean protein
  • Balance of the plate should have grain and starchy vegetables
  • You can also include probiotics in your meal

4. Have a written plan

  • Planning is underrated
  • First step of doing something is planning
  • Instead of planning in your head, get yourself a planner and write your plan
  • Once you’ve made a plan stick to it

5. Stay hydrated

  • Summers or winters our body needs to be hydrated
  • Coffee and tea (Indian chai) do not hydrate your body. Instead they dehydrate you
  • Have herbal tea instead
  • As a guideline you need roughly 35 ml fluid for every kilo weight of your body
  • Instead of waiting for your body to give you signs, keep a glass of water in front of you at work and at home

6. 10,000 steps everyday

  • For starters, 10,000 steps might seems a lot but it isn’t
  • 10,000 steps include all the things you do in a day
  • Start with 8,000 steps and gradually increase
  • Without taking time out for a workout, achieving this is difficult, unless if you walk to your office
  • Invest in a good watch or band to keep a track of your steps

7. Block time for dedicated workout

  • It’s very important to have a routine. Make sure you include dedicated time for workout
  • Do not compromise on your workout even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Once you are in the routine, trust me you’ll start enjoying your workouts
  • Don’t treat workouts as a punishment, find a partner or find good music to indulge in while working out

8. Do variety of workout

  • Sticking to a single type of workout isn’t really the way to go about it
  • Just cardio or weight training means just a handful of muscles in your body get addressed and the balance are neglected
  • Include dance, yoga, cross fit, boxing etc in your workout
  • For starters it is recommended to join a good gym or train with a certified trainer

9. Empower yourself with knowledge

  • Gaining knowledge about fitness as a way of life is very important
  • Read about food, different varieties of food, exercises, fasting, routines etc
  • This way instead of reading number of useless and unrealistic articles online you will know what your body needs
  • Customise your routine, your diet and your schedule according to your needs

10. Adequate sleep

  • In the modern world, all of us lead a strenuous lifestyle. After a long day, out body demands a goodnight’s sleep in order to recover and work properly
  • An adult on average needs about 8-9 hours of sleep daily
  • Provide adequate care to your body with proper rest

11. Reduce stress in your life

  • Stress is the primary cause of most of the ailments in life
  • Surround yourself with positive people. Throw away negativity including negative people from life
  • An average person will know who the toxic people or influence in their life is. Avoid stress in all forms
  • Work on your relations. Love people and animals.
  • Watching late night debates on the television where everyone is shouting can be stressful. Avoid it. There are others means to stay informed
  • Find a job where you don’t need to commute for long hours or shift closer tto your workplace
  • You’ll find yourself in a very good place the most you take out stress from your daily routine

12. Indulge in self love

  • We spend our entire lives caring for the people around us
  • Spend more time and energy in caring for yourself. You deserve to pay attention to yourself

It is very important to enjoy the process of weight loss. If you take it as a burden or task, trust me it will be very difficult to stay motivated.

  • Set goals for yourself and work towards them
  • Set realistic goals which you can achieve
  • Live life without indulging in unrealistic diet plans or artificial ingredients. These cause more harm than good
  • You did not put on weight in a day. You will not lose it in a day either. Be steady and truthful to yourself and you’ll achieve your goal of permanent weight loss!!

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