7 Day 7 Minute Flat Belly Workout

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well and are keeping healthy and happy. As a nutritionist, I’ve tried a number of diets to bring the best available diet plans for you. This time I decided to try You Tube’s most popular and one of the most watched belly fat workout challenge. This video has been watched over 8 crore times on You Tube. Let’s delve into the workout. This workout includes 7 exercises for a minute each.

1.       Straight Legs Kicks

  • While keeping your feet comfortably apart, kick your legs up one at a time
  • When you do this exercise, make sure you touch your opposite hand with the foot
  • Keep your hands in rotary motion while carrying out this exercise
  • It’s a simple sort of cardio based workout but you actually end burning a lot of calories
  • Make sure that you do a 30-40 second warmup before this workout

2.       Pendulum Side Swings

  • Keep your hands balanced on top of each other at the chest level
  • This exercise is akin to a dance move
  • Make sure you keep your core tight during this exercise
  • Keeping your hands level, move your legs like a pendulum on both the sides
  • Make sure your body stays stable to get the most out of this exercise

3.       Walk Out With Hands

  • Stand straight and bend down with your hands touching the ground
  • Now walk out simply using your hands
  • Stretch yourself out completely and then get back
  • This exercise is very good for the core

4.       Skaters lunges

  • Lunge from one side to the other while pushing your hands and legs on the opposite side
  • Do it non stop for a minute whioe keeping up  the pace

5.       On The Spot Sprint Stance

  • While keeping one foot on the ground, push the other one up
  • Stretch your arms fully out while you do this
  • This repeated motion will be extactly like the sprint motion
  • Mostly the core muscles will get used in this exercise but as you’ll feel, the entire body will get exercised
  • After half a minute, change sides and carry out the same exercise with the other side

6.       Side Bends

  • Make sure that your upper body stays straight
  • Bend while stretching your hands on both the sides
  • This exercise is also a very good form of aerobic exercise
  • Keep your shoulders lose and your legs a little flexible while carrying out this exercise

7.       Bicycle Cruntches

  • These cruntches can be done while sitting or lying down
  • Move your legs in a circular motion while trying to touch the opposite hands with your legs
  • Use your entire core muscles for this exercise
  • You entire core including the side muscles get a very good workout from this exercise

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