April Weight Loss Challenge; Lose up to 15kgs This Summer!

Weight loss is gradual and time taking process which needs both hard work and smart work.
To make it a little smart for you, I have brought you up the “April Weight Loss Challenge” which contains the list of challenges you need to do to proceed a little quicker in your weight loss journey.
So, are you ready?
Here is the list of 10 Guaranteed Ways to Lose weight in Summer. Before we list them down, I would like to pin a short disclaimer: It’s completely okay if you don’t see results very quickly or even later. Sometimes it needs less, and sometimes it might need much time, more than you expected to see the change. But what is more important is consistency! The change will follow consistency, one or the other day for sure.
So, start adopting and practicing these habits to get a little closer to your goal:

1. Add Summer Drinks to Diet

Hydration is hands down the most important requirement for weight loss. Hydration solves the 1/4th part with only a basic ingredient; “WATER”. How big of a thing it is? Act wise and replace snacks & caffeinated drinks with “Healthy Cooling Summer Drinks”.
I have some shortlisted categories for you to have a look at:

High Protein DrinkProbiotic and Prebiotic DrinkCooling drinks for Weight LossVitamin-C Rich Drink
Sattu drinkAmbliAsh gourd juiceShikanji
Thick ChaasChaasBottle gourd juiceAam Panna
Peanut Butter FrappeBarley waterCoconut waterJal jeera
Protein shakesChia seeds drinkGond Katira drinkCucumber lemon mint juice
Kavas/ KanjiKokum drink
Iced tea
Bel juice

2. Cut Down on Sugar & Replace Refined Sugar with Natural Sweeteners

It is extremely important to control sugar consumption, and the use of natural sweeteners if any.
You can simply use dates, jaggery powder, and khand as natural sweeteners.

3. Eat More Water Vegetables

Include lots of Gourd Vegetables in the Diet, they are high in fiber, essential vitamins, and minerals.

  • Bottle Gourd
  • Bitter Gourd
  • Sponge Gourd
  • Ridge Gourd
  • Pointed Gourd
  • Snake Gourd
  • Ash Gourd
  • Ivy Gourd
  • Cucumber

4. Start Your Day with a Serving of Fruit

Mornings are important, and they need to be started wisely. Starting your day with a cup of coffee or tea or any caffeinated beverage was/is never a great idea. You need to start your day with something highly nutritious, natural, and nourishing, that could be: any seasonal fruit, coconut water, and for summers particularly: melon (watermelon/musk melon).

5. Include adequate protein in meals

Protein is a prominent part of the diet whatsoever season or condition. It is very crucial if you want to lose weight, as it builds up muscle mass. You can consume protein in the form of Salads, lentils, and sprouts.

6. Eat Small Frequent meals & Eat on time

Snacking can make you or break you. It’s completely on you what you want. Taking frequent healthy and small-mid meals is very necessary as they feed your body the energy to keep going. But choosing healthy alternatives could be tough but not impossible.
The second very important thing with snacking is timing. Whether it’s the timing for snacking or meals, both need to be very accurate and timely. If you don’t consume your meals on time, it will disturb your digestive system and thus will interrupt the process of weight loss.

7. Become an early riser

Going to bed early and then waking up early, both make your body feel energetic and the more your body feels energetic, the more it is likely to function properly and give desired results.

8. IMF 14:10 window

You can go for the intermittent fasting window of 14:10 this month.

9. Increase the NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

Apart from working out, exercising, doing cardio, and strength training, NEAT also plays a markable role in your journey of weight loss. It can contribute about 15% to your entire process of weight loss. It might include:

  • Walk as often as possible (indoor or outdoor).
  • Do strength training a minimum of twice a day.

10. Beat the fatigue

Sometimes it is completely okay to be tired, but if it becomes a habit, it might hinder your process of transformation and lead to a healthy lifestyle. So, it is important to beat your fatigue then and there.
So here are some suggestions on “How to stay active in summers?”:

  1. Take good quality and quantity of sleep.
  2. Breathe deeply.
  3. Keep moving after every 1-1:30 hours, don’t sit for too long.
  4. Poor posture also contributes to belly fat, so maintain a good posture.
  5. Lack of sunlight or vitamin D can also make you feel fatigued. So, it is advisable to not spend your entire day indoors, instead of walking in the fresh air.
  6. Poor diet/eating habits also lead to fat build-up in the body which ultimately hinders weight loss and also makes you feel fatigued. So, it is extremely important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat right.

This was all about what you could very easily do in your day-to-day lives to lose weight. These are very small steps that may lead to your desired destination. Keep going!

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  1. How much will u charge for personalised diet plan and only want to ensure will diet really help In losing weight as I have rheumatoid arthritis n can’t do exercise.

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