Best Food Combinations

Eating healthy food combination can increase and improve the food digestion, food metabolism and nutritional absorption in the body. Most of us are conscious of our eating and food habits, however, consuming some specific healthy foods together can peck an even bigger nutritional punch. Let us look at some such food combinations which are extremely good for health

Vitamin C and green tea

  • Vitamin C helps preserve the antioxidants catechins which are present in green tea
  • It helps them survive the journey through the digestive tract where the body can absorb them

Soaked nuts and oatmeal

  • This adds more flavor as well as improves the quality of protein in the whole meal
  • Just makes it more palatable and satisfying

Turmeric and black pepper

  • Combining the peperine in black pepper with curcumin in turmeric enhances curcumin absorption by upto 2,000 % in the body

Carrot and beetroot

  • This is great for cleansing the stomach and blood
  • This combination is very rich in vitamin K, A and beta carotene

Water and oatmeal

  • Oats need to absorb water to work properly
  • Fibre found in oatmeal has been shown to reduce the blood cholesterol levels
  • It also helps to make you full for longer

Almonds and dates

  • One of the best pre workout snacks
  • 6-8 soaked almonds and 1-2 fresh dates to start the day

Vitamin C and iron

  • Lemon / tomato with spinach / lentils
  • Vitamin C can enhance the absorption of iron from plant based food sources

Grains and lentils

  • This is the best combination for getting complete protein from a veg meal

Millet with garlic and onion

  • Garlic and onion help increase the availability of iron and zinc in whole grains
  • This is thanks to the sulphur containing compounds

Boiled eggs with veggies

  • Consuming protein with salad increases the absorption of carotenoids and other vitamins and minerals
  • They also offer number of other benefits to the body

Vitamins A, D, E, K and fats

  • Fat soluble nutrients have a range of functions from keeping the bones strong, supporting the immune system to supporting healthy skin and hair
  • Some of these food combinations are
  • Carrots and olive oil
  • Spinach and dressing
  • Nuts and seeds ladoos and ghee
  • Eggs and fat
  • Methi dana and healthy fat

Meal with probiotics

  • Probiotics are superfoods that are loaded with good digestive bacteria to help digest any food we eat and fight off the sugar cravings
  • Combinations such as curd and rice can help cure an upset stomach
  • While the curd helps restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, the rice helps add bulk to the stool, remove toxins and reduces symptoms of pain

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