Best Indian Organic Food Brands

This article is all about the best Indian organic food brands. Did you know India is the number one country when it comes to farmers involved in organic farming. Let’s look at the top organic brands in the country. Organic products are produced with traditional farming methods, these products are GMO free. GMO grains can interfere with the human hormones and drop the immunity levels in the body. Apart from that, organic products are generally higher in certain nutrients. This is our unbiased opinion and this article is not sponsored by any brand.

Why go organic ?

  • Traditional farming methods result in the best products
  • GMO products can interfere with human hormones
  • They can result in a drop in immunity in the human body
  • Organic products contain no chemical / pesticides / toxic chemicals that can harm human health in any manner
  • Organic products are higher in nutrient quantity

Conscious food

  • This brand initially started from a small place in Malabar hill, Mumbai
  • This brand has a wide range of grains, pulses, nuts, seeds and dry fruits etc
  • All their oil, ghee and honey are packed in glass bottles
  • This brand is certified from ECOCERT and they get their products from farmers who have NPOP / EU / NOP certification
  • This brand may not be easily available off the shelf but is readily available online

24 Mantra organic

  • Started off way back in 1992, is based out of Hyderabad
  • Is certified by US, EU, and Indian certifying agencies
  • This brand has a wide variety of products including all cooking essentials
  • Products are easily available online and in stores

Pro nature organics

  • Brand in existence since 2006
  • This brand is based out of Bangalore
  • Contains products which are certified by all the requisite agencies
  • The products of this company are easily available online and offline

Organic tattva

  • Sister company of the company est in 1962
  • In 2012, the company ventured into the organic food business
  • This company is BRC certified, they export products to USA, UAE, Singapore and UK
  • This brand contains almost all the cooking essentials as well

Natureland organics

  • Started by two agriculturist brothers Ajeet and Arvind in 2002
  • Organic products with pocket friendly rates
  • This brand has a wide variety of products including grains, flour, pulses, oils and dry fruits
  • Also included in the brand are pickles, jams, pasta and oats

Organic India

  • This brand has the most high standards
  • Amongst the few herbal companies in India to receive HACCP, GMP and ISO certification
  • Wide range of herbs and other products
  • Easily available online and offline
  • This brand is expensive as compared to other brands

Down to Earth

  • This brand is an organic food brand from the house of mararka organic
  • Sells food products online and offline
  • All food items offered by this brand are gluten and chemicals free


  • This is a well known brand containing healthy juices, tulsi, wild amla, jamun and neem juice etc


  • Neuherbs is once again a well known brand containing seeds, nuts, tea, coffee and natural supplements
  • Also contains 100 % natural nut and seeds butter

Sampurn organic

  • Sampurn organic started it’s operations in July 2014
  • Product range included is pulses, legumes, some oils and sweetners

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