The Most Important To Lose Fat

This article is about the most important thing you need to lose weight. Over a period of time, we’ve made a lot of development of the techno front but the mindset is yet to evolve accordingly. There are five things which are highlighted in this article which determine your success in any field including weight loss. These are strength, stamina, planning and organizational skills, intelligence and mental energy. All five of these are required but in a certain quantity. If that quantity is not correct, we’ll not be able to achieve our set goals.

Five things that determine your success in any field including weight loss

  • Strength (physical energy)
  • Stamina (endurance)
  • Efficiency (planning & organizing)
  • Intelligence including adaptability
  • Mental energy

The requirement of all the five has changed / evolved over a period of time

  • Due to our lifestyles, we’re constantly under mental fatigue
  • Weight loss is all about how much mental energy you have to keep moving forward

Modern day weight loss success mantra

  • 25 % strength and stamina developed over a period of time
  • 25 % strategy, planning and organizing for declutter and minimalism
  • 25 % adaptability, interest and choices which affect constant change
  • 50 % mental energy to stay on top of things
  • All these combined decide how consistent, motivated and disciplined we are

What causes mental fatigue ?

  • Lack of mental exercise
  • Meditation, yoga, including head stand and deep breathing help with mental exercising
  • Sitting for long hours
  • Keep moving throughout the day
  • Poor diet
  • Having a balanced diet is of paramount important
  • Poor digestion
  • Include prebiotic and probiotic in the diet to improve your digestion
  • Caffeine abuse
  • You should learn to manage caffeine time and quantity
  • Multitasking with brains
  • Mindfulness and focus on present task helps you avoid this
  • Gadgets
  • Overuse of gadgets result in drainage of mental energy
  • Digital detox (no gadgets in morning / before bed can help you avoid drainage of energy)
  • Over thinking and storing info in mind
  • Dump all the extra info and put things on paper to avoid over thinking
  • Dehydration
  • Include optimal amount of fluid in your diet
  • Lack of sleep
  • Optimal amount of quality sleep is paramount

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