Biggest Weight loss Challenge of the Year; June Weight Loss Challenge!

If you are someone who had made “Weight Loss” a new year resolution for 2022, and have not reached the point you aimed at, then let me tell you, it’s still not late. We have still 6 months to go for this year, and they are enough if you dedicate you honestly towards this process with full determination and motivation.
To ease out the process for you, I have got your back as usual and here is “June Weight Loss Challenge” to initiate, maintain, restart, or continue your journey of weight loss, by adopting small to big changes and sticking to new habits that contribute towards healthy lifestyle.
I am going to share with you the most effective “Morning & Evening Routine to Lose Weight”

1. Morning Routine & Evening Routine for weight loss.

So basically, this includes the set of activities either to be done or avoided during morning hours (1-2-3-4) that means the first four hours of your morning, whereas the same pattern will be followed for evening hours (4-3-2-1-), meaning the last four hours before you sleep.

Morning HoursActivitiesEvening HoursActivities
1st Hour of the day after waking Up (e.g., 5-6am)1. Drink a glass of Lukewarm water.
2. No Caffeine or Screen Time.
3. 10 Min of Meditation or Deep Breathing.
4. 20 Min HIIT workout (4 sessions of each 4:30minutes, 30second Rest in between (Empty Stomach).
4 Hours before going to Sleep (e.g.: – 6-7pm).1. Caffeine Curfew Starts.
2. Wrap up Work.
3. Workout session if not done in morning (preferably strength training).
2nd Hour After Waking Up (6-7am)1. Drink more water.
2. Plan your day (if not done a night before).
3. Empty Bowel.
4. Go for a Walk / lite jog (30-40min) or Workout.
3 Hours before going to sleep (7-8pm)1. Prepare dinner
2. Finish your last meal of the day
3rd Hour After Waking up (7-8am)1. Take shower
2. Prepare breakfast
3. Pack your lunch or snacks.
2 Hours before Going to Sleep (8-9pm)1. Screen Time curfew.
2. Connect with your family.
3. Spend time in self-love.
4th Hour After Walking Up (8-9am)1. Have your breakfast (Minimum 20-30 min window).
2. Get ready for the day.
1 Hour Before sleep (9-10pm)1. Start your night routine.
2. You can do some meditation or journaling.
3. Plan your next day.
4. Prepare for a good night sleep.

2. Ditch the fatigue

Stay active and ditch the fatigue by simply:

  • Staying Hydrated.
  • Consuming More fruits.
  • Taking Vitamin D / Sunshine Vitamin (Spend some time in Sun).
  • Doing Frequent walks to Stay Active to improve circulation.
  • Performing Deep breathing to improve oxygen levels.
  • Paying attention to your Posture.

3. Only home Packed Drinks & Snacks.

Completely avoid the consumption of store brought/ processed/ packaged drink or snacks as they are highly processed and posses no benefit or aids null nutrition to the body, instead they are just a source to invite diseases and disorders.

4. More fresh fruits & vegetable (Specially with High Water content).

I always emphasize the consumption and importance of fresh, local and seasonal produce. They are fresh and best for human consumption as they are loaded with the goodness of nutrients and provides innumerable health benefits. Especially emphasize and focus more on high water content vegetables and fruits during summer season as they contribute majorly towards keeping you hydrated.

5. Minimum Intermittent Fasting Window of 13:11.

If you are a beginner or trying intermittent fasting, then this window of fasting is worth trying. It is an eating pattern between periods of eating and fasting that is practiced for various benefits including improving hormonal balance, helping in weight loss, lowering diabetes risk, benefiting heart health, etc.

6. 10 thousand Daily Steps to Maintain High NEAT (Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis).

Everything is co-related when we talk about weight loss, each factor including diet, exercise, hormonal balance, rest, everything goes hand in hand. It is very important to keep a moderate physical activity, and keep your body moving throughout the day to achieve weight loss.

7. Small food portion or smaller plates and Eat Slowly & Take small Bites.

Portion control is another damn important aspect as it keeps your calorie consumption under control and contributes towards your journey. Along with that slow, and mindful eating is important for better and nice absorption of food. Avoid distraction while eating and enjoy and savor each bite of your food.

8. Eat Using Front Load Method (FPF)

Consume your diet/ meals in a front-loading method by initially consuming protein, fiber, healthy fats, and then moving onto consumption of complex carbs.

9. Enough Sleep Minimum 7-8 hours.

As said earlier, no matter how good you are exercising or how well you are eating, unless and until you are not providing your body the adequate sleep and rest it needs, everything goes into vain.

10. Focus on Managing Stress.

Stress is another key factor that prominently disrupts the process of weight loss by interfering with adequate working of hormones that ultimately hinders the process of weight loss.

Adopt all these healthy habits and take it as a challenge, and convert it into process. and application.

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