Cleanse your system to lose weight

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. Detox is a very popular buzz word. Fortunately, the human body is well equipped and designed to eliminate toxins and does not requireany special diet or expensive supplements. That said, there are certain very basic things which you do to enhanve the body’s natural detoxification process. Here are some of the basic things which you can do to rejuvenate your body’s natural detoxification process on a daily basis.

Clear you stomach every morning

  • Make sure you drink warm water on empty stomach every morning
  • Chearing your stomach daily is the first step towards detoxification of the system
  • Not clearing your stomach in the morning causing harmful toxins to build up in your body
  • You can use ginger infused water to improve the process

Do Oil Pulling

  • Oil pulling every morning will help you pull out toxins from the body
  • Apart from removing toxins, oil pulling is wonderful for dental health as it kills and removes germs from the mouth

Deep Breathing

  • Carry out deep breathing every morning
  • Use your stomach for deep breathing practice

Stay Hydrated

  • Staying hydrated is the basic thing which you should do to take care of your body
  • Try detox water for this process
  • Fluid is very important for your body’s natural detoxification process

Fruits and vegetables

  • Eat lots and lots fruits and vegetables daily
  • Eat whole grain to improve your digestion
  • Fiber helps you prevent constipation

Brain Detox

  • Apart from physical detox, mental or brain detox is equally important
  • You can follow a brain dumping method which means you can store information on a notebook instead of in your brain
  • Keep your brain as free as possible

Avoid Multitasking

  • Multitasking leads to anxiety
  • Keep things very simple
  • You can do that by concentrating at the work / issue at hand

Digital Detox

  • In today’s scenario, perhaps the most important type of detox is digital detox
  • Do digital detox for atleast 5-6 hours daily

Sweat it out

  • Sweating it out has an amazing effect on your mind and body
  • The harder you train your body, the easier it for it to cope up with the rigours of day to day life

Sleep Well

  • Get good quality and quantity of sleep
  • Sleep helps your body recover from the daily physical and mental stress
  • Lack of good sleep on the other hand keeps both your mind and body perpetually tired


  • Massage your body daily to rejuvenate it
  • Light scrubbing really helps to improve the body’s blood flow
  • It also removes dead skin from the body

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