Easy hacks to lose belly fat

All of us want to be fit and not have that excess fat around the abdomen. Sometimes our busy schedules does not allow us to spend adequate time for work outs. Although exercising is of paramount importance for good health, there are some simple ways or hacks to lose weight or to maintain your ideal weight. A few simple changes in your daily routine and the ways you do things can go a long way in helping you get slim. Here of some the simple things which you can do.

Eat while sitiing on the floor

  • Eating while sitting upright on the floor keeps your system balanced
  • If not the floor, try to sit atleast on a chair while you eat
  • Don’t sit on a sofa or on a saggy piece of furniture while you’re eating

Eat slowly

  • Your digestive system sends a signal to your brain when you’ve eaten enough
  • This process usually takes 20 minutes
  • Generally we eat fast and in these 20 minutes we end up eating too much
  • Eating with distraction is again something you must avoid at any cost
  • Concentrate on your eating, pay attention to what you eat

Use smaller spoons

  • A simple step of using a smaller spoon to eat can help control the portion size
  • This will also ensure that you eat your food better

Drink tea

  • Have ginger fennel infused tea post your main meal
  • This will stop any craving you have

Eat healthy snacks

  • This sounds like a simple advice
  • Eat only fruits or vegetables for snack
  • Avoid consuming any unhealthy snack
  • Avoid any processed food

Deep Breathing

  • Do deep breathing exercises
  • While you do these exercises, use your abdomen
  • This helps calm your digestive system down

Wet bandages

  • This is a ayurvedic remedy for losing extra fat
  • Tie wet bandages around your stomach to imrove digestion

Drink water

  • Drink water before you have your main meal
  • Drink this water 20 minutes prior to your main meal
  • This will reduce your consumption of food in the main meal

Fresh fruits / spices

  • Sniffing on fresh fruits / spices is known to control craving
  • This works with most of the people

Eat pre and probiotic food

  • Both pre and probiotic food helps maintain a healthy gut
  • Healthy gut is  the key for good digestive system
  • Good digestive system is the basic need to a healthy body


  • Including bit of homemade chutney with your meal will help control your craving and make you eat lesser
  • But make sure you don’t have too much of it

Protein and fiber

  • Make sure you include sufficient protein and fiber in breakfast and dinner

Brush your teeth

  • Make sure you brush your teeth after every main meal
  • This will ensure that you don’t munch on random snacks atleast for some time post brushing


  • Gentle massage on stomach helps control your cravings
  • Make sure you don’t do this after your meal


  • Make sure you get quality adequate sleep
  • Good sleep and sufficient laughter balances your hunger and food intake

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