How Did I Become A You Tuber

We all reach where we do sometimes by chance and sometimes by being persistent. I wanted to share my experience and the simple things which I did to start my you tube channel. This article is meant as a motivation and guide for all the budding you tubers out there. I started my you tube channel with zero investment. I had quit my job during my pregnancy and I was looking to do something which would enable me to look after my child. This meant I needed flexibility in my work hours and starting a you tube channel was almost an obivious choice.

My background

  • Before I quit my job I worked as a news anchor with one of the leading news channel
  • This meant that I was always very comfortable in front of the camera
  • I’ve been an National level athlete which meant being fit came naturally to me, it also meant I could share my lifestyle and fitness tips with people which could help them
  • I’ve also been very fond of cooking so starting a recipe cum fitness / lifestyle channel made sense

The beginning

  • A lot of inspiration came for my earlier videos from my mother in law
  • In the beginning, being a little naïve, I used the very basic tools available in the kitchen to shoot my videos
  • Things like wooden / steel spatula etc were used to used the recipe videos
  • I used a heavy container and books to make a stand
  • For camera. I mostly used my phone
  • Different permutation and combinations were used to shoot the videos
  • With time and constant effort, I continuosly looked to improve
  • For editing I initially used a free application available on the phone

Some investments made

  • As my channel grew, I understood that the quality of my videos including the audio etc had to  improve
  • I looked to make some simple and very basic investments
  • I started with a simple tripod for stove cooking shots and videos
  • This tripod cost me roughly 500 bucks
  • I came across very simple food background sheets which I used. These cost me around 1000 rupees
  • I also got myself a simple microphone for around 1200 rupees which went a long way in improving the sound quality of my videos
  • As my channel grew and I started a recipe channel, it was time for me a get a team to manage my channels
  • I got myself a editor, a writer and a assistant
  • Getting a team for the channels meant that the editing and a lot of other painstaking tasks were being handled by professionals
  • This gave me adequate time to concentrate on the content and quality of the videos
  • I invested in a I pad which made it easier for me to work as compared to a laptop
  • I also invested in some more boards, utensils and props etc
  • I looked to further improve the asthetics in my videos

The journey so far

  • My you tube journey so far has been very exciting
  • It’s all because of the wonderful love and support which the channels have received over the years
  • I started with the very basics and with zero investment
  • Gradually with time the channels have grown and to keep up with the quality and expectations, some investments have been made
  • If you have the zeal to suceed and the creativity to match it nothing can stop you from realising your dreams

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