How To Fight And Survive Covid

Presently all of us are going through some really tough times. It is important however to stay positive, take care of people around and eat right to stay healthy. Here are some simple tips which will go a long way in ensuring you stay up and about.

How to avoid getting infected ?

  • Avoid stepping out unless it is really important
  • While you step out, ensure that wear your mask properly
  • Sanitise and wash your hands regularly
  • And while you’re out, avoid touching your face at all times

Diet tips to boost immunity

  • Eat lots of seasonal vegetables for fibre and other essential nutrients
  • Have frequent light meals
  • Have lots of fresh seasonal fruits
  • Include some herbs and spices like ginger, basil, cinnamon etc in your diet
  • Have probiotics to improve your gut bacteria
  • Consume more whole grains like daliya, barley etc
  • Consume healthy fat in moderation

Other important general tips

  • Take adequate sleep as it has a direct impact on your immunity
  • Exercise regularly and stay active
  • You should look for 35-40 minutes of medium intensity workout daily
  • De stress : Stress is the biggest enemy of your immunity
  • Some immunity boosting food
    • Vitamin D supplements
    • Food items having zinc like whole grains, lentils etc
    • Include food with iron in them
    • Vitamin C is an important and powerful antioxidant which should be included in the diet
    • Consume multi vitamins (prescribed only)
    • Include turmeric, giloy and amla in your diet

What to eat if someone tests positive

  • Eat light and easy to digest meals
  • Include lots of light dals in your diet
  • Have more fluid like coconut water, lemon juice and aam panna
  • Have cucumber and water melons
  • Eat fresh fruits and semi cooked veggies
  • Reduce the portion size and eat frequent meals instead
  • Some precautions
    • Limit intake of salt and fat during infection
    • Get your fibre from fruits and vegetables
    • Avoid alcohol or smoke
    • Wear your masks even inside your room
    • Avoid exercise and exertion
    • Do light indoor walks and perform breathing exercises
    • Stay in touch with a doctor
    • Constant checks of oxygen levels in the body is highly recommended
  • Have cardamom tea
  • Limit your screen time and get as much rest as possible
  • Limit your intake of caffeine
  • Avoid refined or junk food entirely
  • Avoid food that can create mucus like red meat, milk products, eggs, cabbage, soda etc

Post covid recovery diet tips

  • Combat fatigue with healthy diet
  • Think positive at all times
  • Practice breathing exercises
  • Don’t get back to exercising immediately
  • One should wait for atleast one to three months before getting back to full fledged exercising
  • Slowly get back to your original diet to get back your stamina and strength
  • Consult your physician for continuing supplement intake

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