How I Plan & Structure My Day?

Staying productive in our daily lives has in many ways never been more difficult. However, irrespective of how busy we think we are, we can still endeavour to enjoy and live a healthy lifestyle. During these difficult times, it is not easy to accommodate the work life balance. Concentrating on fitness, family, relaxation and eating healthy is a serious challenge. However, there are simple things which if you start doing will make things easier for you.

Planning is needed

  • If for simple things and a routine which seem mundane, planning is imperative
  • It is very essential to wake up knowing what you intend doing for the entire day
  • Thus plan youe next day the night before going to bed
  • Prior preparation and little planning helps increase productivity tremendously
  • Apart from this, planning will save tons of your precious time
  • As Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

What do you need to plan for

  • Start with the simple things
  • For starters, list down your to do’s for the next day
  • Your highlights. They may be something very small and routine, but listing it down will instantly make you concentrate more on the task at hand
  • List down the habits which you need to inculcate

Time blocking is essential

  • Blocking time for all tasks is essential
  • It lays down priorities and will ensure that nothing gets forgotten
  • Do things at a particular time, if you’re currently working from home, there is nothing more important then making a schedule and sticking to it


  • For starters, declutter your personal space
  • In your cupboard for example, there might be clothes which you haven’t worn in a long time and which you will never use again
  • Remove them from your space
  • This applies to all your space, your cupboard, your kitchen, your bedroom, your balcony, the entire space in your vicinity
  • Declutter promotes serenity and calmness in life

Mind Dump

  • Mind Dump is basically getting everything out of your mind and onto paper
  • With an empty brain, we can focus on new things
  • It also allows us to concentrate better on the task at hand

Tips to stick to a plan

  • Avoid distractions while doing a task
  • Limit the use of social media in your life
  • Learn to say ‘No’ politely but firmly
  • Divide and if possible delegate your work
  • Recognise your  prime time and use it efficiently
  • Don’t be robotic
  • Take some time off, have one day off in a week

Tips to increase productivity

  • Avoid multi tasking
  • Prepare yourself
  • Say and believe in positive affirmations
  • Visualise yourself having a productive day in the morning
  • Have some alone and quite time
  • Stimulate your senses
  • Prioritise yoour tasks, finish the most important task first

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