How To Lose Belly Fat Permanently

There are three stages to lose belly fat permanently. Sucessfully achieving these three levels is going to change your body and life forever. It means you’ll get fitter and in shape and will stay there for as long as you desire. Losing weight with diet and workout plan can give you good results but to change your body and lifestyle permanently you have to maintain some good habits. While eating healthy and exercising can help you, they won’t help you entirely.

1st stage : Discovery Stage (1-3 months)

  • Understand your type of belly fat
  • Types of belly fat
  • Stress belly, central obesity due to high cortisol levels
  • Diastasis Recti or gap in muscles post delivery
  • Bloated belly
  • Alcohol belly
  • Belly due to poor posture
  • Belly due to hormonal imbalance, thyroid belly
  • Belly fat due to high levels of toxicity
  • Understand how belly fat burning works
  • Fat cells around the belly are the white or alpha receptor fat cells which are difficult to unlock, mobilise and burn
  • How to enter high level fat burning stage
  • By doing intense workout (cardio, HIIT, tabata etc)
  • Start intermittent fasting or time restricted method of eating
  • Eat protein and fiber in every meal
  • Discover habits that can add value to your life and goals
  • Start cutting down habits which are not adding any value in your life

2nd Stage : Development Stage

  • Develop a process that is reliable and can help you achieve your goals
  • Start strength and resistance training to prevent loss of muscle mass
  • Increase consumption of protein and fiber
  • Include best habits in your daily routine
  • Make selective habits as a natural part of life
  • Manage stress and improve your sleep quality

3rd stage : Durability Stage

  • For you to suceed, the entire process of weight loss has to long term
  • It means the process has to be sustainable and long lasting
  • Only a long term process can help you get permanent results
  • Perform your newly changed habits consciously
  • Don’t feel burdened while carrying out these activities
  • Be more mindful of things around you
  • Avoid any distractions which might cause you to move away from your goals
  • It is imperative to be present in the moment and give yur 100 % at all times
  • Enjoy the process of achieving and living a healthy lifestyle

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