How to Stop Craving ?

Hope all of you are doing good. We were getting a lot of questions on how to control, reduce or stop cravings for unhealthy food during lockdown. If you’re someone struggling with this, than this article is meant for you. A strong and uncontrollable desire for food, mostly unhealthy, processed and refined food is what is craving. Research shows that people crave for food for different reasons. Identifying the type of craving you’re having is the key to stop these cravings.

Types of Cravings / Hunger

1.       Physical Hunger

  • Physical hunger is when your body actually needs food
  • This hunger is to fulfil your daily need of calories

2.       Senses Hunger

  • All your senses work differently
  • But senses like touch, feel, taste, smell etc can make you carve for food

3.       Emotional Hunger

  • Emotional hunger is related to food sometimes
  • Food can make you feel good and get your emotions to vent out or control them

4.       Stress Hunger

  • This hunger is due to cortisol hormone
  • People sometimes eat to get over their stress

5.       Nutritional Hunger

  • Nutritional hunger is due to the lack of sufficient nutrition in your diet
  • This nutrition can be specific to a particular item or a mix of them

6.       Boredom Hunger

  • Sometimes we eat because we’re bored
  • Find yourself a activity or hobby to get over this kind of hunger

7.       Seasonal Hunger

  • Different seasons bring different cravings

8.       Dehydration Hunger

  • Lack of proper hydration also leads to hunger
  • Staying sufficiently hydrated at all times is thus very important

9.       Poor Digestion

  • Poor gut health is sometimes the reason for cravings

10.     Hormonal Hunger

  • This type of hunger is applicable to both male / female
  • PMS / PCOD, and other hormonal changes in the body at times lead to cravings

Tips For Controlling Cravings

1.       Stay Hydrated

  • Make sure you’re always hydrated
  • Have sufficient fluids throughout the day
  • This will ensure that you don’t feel hungry all the time

2.       Consume Nutritious Meals

  • Make sure your meals are balanced with all nutrients in sufficient quantity
  • Lack of nutrition in your meal makes you crave for food

3.       Have a Dedicated Place / Space For Eating

  • This is very important to adhere to
  • This will ensure that you don’t munch on snacks lying in the bed or your sofa

4.       Follow a Fixed Eating Routine

  • Eat on time and avoid eating at odd times
  • Sticking to time will make sure you don’t end up eating too much or too often

5.       Pre Plan Your Meals

  • To eat healthy. Make sure you plan for your meals
  • Last minute rush for preparation of food will lead to unbalanced meals

6.       Get Junk Out of Sight

  • Move all the junk food away from where it’s visible
  • You can keep it in a cupboard or someplace away from a direct line of sight

7.       Identify Trigger

  • Identify your trigger
  • Take steps to remove your cravings

8.       Reduce Stress

  • Stay happy
  • Stress is one of main reasons of cravings. Be around people who make you happy

9.       Tap On Your Forehead For 30 Secs

  • It’s a way of distracting your mind
  • Try it the next time you crave for something

10.     Order Groceries / Food Items When You’re Full

  • Avoid ordering your groceries when you’re craving for food or you’re hungry

11.     Cut Back Gradually

  • Don’t stop your eating habits suddenly
  • Cut back gradually
  • You’ll be more successful. Sudden stopping will result in instant bounce back

12.     Maintain a Food Journal

  • This helps being more conscious about what you’re eating
  • Keep a record. It will also help you balance your meals with nutritious food

13.     Eat Probiotics

  • Probiotics are great for the gut
  • Include them more in your diet

14.     Try Intermittent Fasting

  • Intermittent fasting works like magic
  • 95 % people who’ve taken my advice on intermittent fasting have come back saying that it worked

15.     Include Super Food in Your Diet

  • We’ve shared various super food which you can include in your diet
  • These are extremely nutritious and a great source of energy

16.     Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

  • Exercise, get up on time
  • A good and healthy lifestyle will ensure you get rid of all the unnecessary junk from your diet

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