Weekly Liquid Detox Diet

Out digestive system works overtime to keep our gut healthy. It is important though to hit the reset button from time to time. While there is no such thing as a miracle diet, this weekly one day detox and cleansing diet can be useful to hit the reset button. Apart from losing weight this detox diet can also help you get rid of a number of ailments. It helps to keep the gut healthy and your mind happy. This detox diet boosts your immunity as well as heart functioning. As all the seasoned experts recommend, one should always go for a seasonal detox and get your cleansed to get maximum benefits and keep your body and mind fit.

Benefits of weekly liquid detox diet

  • Your digestive system needs very less energy to digest it
  • This diet helps in alkaline and detoxification
  • It clears up your digestive tract
  • This diet is loaded with electrolytes and nutrients
  • It prevents gastrointestinal distress
  • It reduces bloating or indigestion
  • It boosts immunity
  • Your energy levels and mood get enhanced
  • It prevents headaches
  • It reduces fatigue, muscle pain and inflammation
  • It rejuvenates your skin

Morning Drink

  • Any morning drink under 20 calories is considered good and can be consumed inside the fasting window
    • Some of the options for morning drink are :-
      • Luke warm water
      • Barley or wheat grass juice
      • Amla or alovera juice
      • Giloy juice
      • Moringa juice
      • Apple cider vinegar
      • Methi dana water
      • Jeera water

Morning Breakfast Drink

  • Some of the options are given below :-
    • Green detox drink
    • Green smoothie
    • Apple and carrot smoothie
    • Red detox drink
    • Hempseeds and banana breakfast smoothie
    • Beetroot and carrot smoothie
  • Recipes for these is on this website in healthy breakfast smoothie recipes

Snacks and other meals

  • Some options are given below :-
    • Nut milk (any nuts including almonds etc)
    • Fruit juice including nectars and juice with pulp (not too much)
    • 1/2 cup supplement beverage
    • 1/2 cup custard style yogurt


  • Soups are great for your overall and digestive health
    • Some of the delicious soup recipes have been shared on the website
      • 1/2 to 1 cup blended oatmeal thinned with milk
    • Lemonade

Detox Water

  • Detox water are great for your digestive health
  • 10 summer detox water recipes are available on the website in ’10 summer detox water’ article

Food to avoid on a liquid detox diet

  • Avoid any solid food, stay away from raw, cooked or canned fruits or vegetables that have the skin or seeds
  • Aviod mashed fruits, nuts and seeds and hard and soft cheese

Things to consider

  • Consult a certified and registered dietician to plan your meals according to your specific needs
  • If required, get your liquid diet tailored to your body’s requirement
  • Feeling full is a sign to stop drinking. Don’t over drink

How effective are these diets ?

  • This weekly liquid detox diet will make feel more focused and energetic
  • Your overall health will show a marked improvement
  • Eliminating processed food, alcohol and other unhealthy substances will give a break to your body’s digestive system
  • You also get vitamins and minerals that were lacking before

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