Jogging vs Running Which is Better

The easiest and simplest way to stay fit is by walking or jogging / running. Both these are the simplest exercises which anyone can indulge in. They don’t require any specific skill set or instruction. Both are an excellent mode of exercise to stay fit. Let’s see which one is better for weight loss.

Benefits of walking and jogging

–        It’s the simplest form of cardio

–        Better sleep

–        Enhances mood

–        Keeps the energy level high

–        Controls BP and diabetes

–        Helps maintain hormonal balance

–        Helps in prevention of heart diseases

Why jogging / running is better for weight loss

–        You burn more calories

–        You use more muscles in your body

–        Use spend more energy in running / jogging

–        The intensity of work out is much higher

–        You modulate your heart rate in a much better manner

–        The calorie burning is much faster

–        The calorie burning is faster in running because you’re covering more distance in lesser time. If we compare calories burnt over the same distance in walking and running, the calories burnt are more or less similar

–        Walking and running should be combined with stretches, resistance training to get the best results

Why walking may be better

–        It’s great for beginners, you don’t need a great deal of training

–        It’s better for the heart (the elevation levels in heart rate are lesser)

–        Less chances of injuries

–        Lasts longer

–        Safe for knee and hips

–        Less chances of over doing it

–        Suitable for people of all age groups

Increasing popularity of slow jogging around the world. How to slow jog

–        Slow steps and pitch

–        Flat and full feet landing

–        Keep your back straight while doing it

–        Keep your shoulders relaxed

–        Breath normally

–        Look straight

–        Use thinner cushioned shoes

–        Combination of walking and jogging is great for weight loss

Factors for deciding whether to walk or jog / run

–        Age

–        Purpose

–        Energy levels

–        Stamina

–        Physical condition

–        Fitness stage

–        Flexibility in the body

–        Strength

–        Endurance

–        Past experiences

Taking 10,000 steps a day makes you look younger

You can use weight around ankles to increase intensity

Points to remember

–        Blend of both walking / running is best for weight loss

–        Keep increasing / varying the intensity

–        Challenge yourself but don’t overdo it

–        Pay attention to technique and posture

–        Strength two to three times in a week is a must

–        This will help in avoiding your weight to plateau

–        Invest in good gear

–        Be consistent

–        Understand your body

–        Give ample time for recovery

–        Focus on self improvement

Weekly (5 day, 30 minutes ) walking / jogging workout plan

–        Monday

–        5 min normal walk – 2 min slow jog – 2 min normal walk (repeat twice) – 1 min slow jog – 15 min upper body strength training – 5 min stretches and cool down

–        Tuesday

–        4 min normal walk – 3 min slow jog – 2 min normal walk – 1 min slow jog – 15 min core workout exercises – 5 min breathing exerciseand cooling down

–        Wednesday

–        3  min slow walk – 4 min slow jog – 2 min normal walk – 1 min slow jog – 15 min lower body strength training – 5 min stretches and cooling down

–        Thrusday

–        2 min slow walk – 4 min slow jog – 2 min normal walk – 2 min slow jog – 15 min yoga (15 surya namaskar) – 5 min yoga asana and shav asana

–        Friday

–        1 min slow walk – 4 min slow jog – 1 min normal walk – 3 min slow jog – 15 min full body strength work out – 5 min stretches and cooling down

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