July Weight Loss Diet Plan

July weight loss diet plan, full two weeks diet plan with 1400 calories to lose weight. I’ve added a special ingredient during this monsoon weight loss diet plan which is wheat grass juice. Wheatgrass juice acts as a detox diet drink for weight loss. Consume this to get most of the nutritional value of wheat grass juice. This diet is based upon the monsoon diet principles which we shared in the july weight loss challenge. This diet is simple and has 5-6 small daily meals as part of strategies to stay energetic and boost metabolism. This Indian diet plan has all the major food groups as it’s integral part. It is highly balanced and is very easy to follow.

Things you should avoid or have control on in monsoons

  • Avoid fermented, germinated (sprouts) and raw food (veggies and fruits)
  • Avoid raw dairy. If you’re consuming it, be very particular of the source
  • Avoid food with high water content, they might cause swelling in the body
  • Avoid leafy green vegetbales that is cabbage etc
  • Avoid excessive oily (specially refined) or spicy food
  • This food might cause inflammation in the body

Start  your day

  • Start your day with a healthy morning drink
  • This should preferably a herbal juice
  • I recommend having green juices specially wheat grass juice

Benefits of green juice

  • Fulfills your requirement of greens
  • Is great for detoxification
  • Reduces the body heat caused by humidity
  • Supports weight loss
  • Is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals

Week 1

MondayOats peanuts upma with veggiesKala chana with daliya and semi cooked veggies saladPumpkin sabzi with veggies and one roti
TuesdayBesan cheela with chutney and veggiesMoong dal with roti and saladMix veg quinoa upma
Wednesday2 servings of seasonal fruitsSeasonal semi cooked veggies saladMix veg stew
ThrusdayMoong dal toast with tomato and little cheeseRagi roti with sabzi and saladDaliya soup with veggies and soy chunk
FridayMissi roti with little butter and chutney (oats, besan and ragi)Lauki chana dal with  brown rice and saladMix veg salad with toasted seeds
SaturdayRagi chilla pudding with some granolaRajma with brown rice and saladMultigrain mix veg khichadi
SundayHM granola with mango smoothie bowlLove mealMix veg lentil soup

Week 2

MondayPoha, peanuts and veggiesLobia dal, roti and curdGrilled panner and veggies
TuesdayMango chia smoothieMoong dal quinoa salad with toasted seedsRagi roti with tori salad and veggies
Wednesday2 servings of seasonal fruitsSeasonal semi cooked veggies saladMix veg stew
ThrusdayMultigrain toast with veggies and some cheeseDal with roti / rice and saladMultigrain dalia with veggies
FridaySattu mango smoothie in HM almond milkRagi roti with masoor dal and veggiesQuinoa with grilled veggies and creamy dressing
SaturdaySoaked mooong dal and oats cheela with chutneyChole with rice and saladGrilled veggies with sesame seeds seasoning
SundayStuffed paranthaLove mealMix veg lentil soup

Some important tips

  • Apart from eating healthy, exercising on regular basis is paramount to lose weight
  • For monsoons, follow HIIT
  • Stress and lack of sleep can also prevent you from achieving the desired weight loss goal

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