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Essentials For Weight Loss

Whether you’re looking for weight loss or to increase your fitness or stamina, the journey is bound to be challenging. There are tools / things which are available for cheap and which assist you in the weight loss journey. These things are simple yet can help you in your weight loss transition. Get these useful items today to see the scale of fitness turn over in your favour

Diary / notebook

  • Get a diary / notebook / planner / journal
  • It helps you with the following
  • Making your plans
  • Developing the habit of schedules
  • Track your goals
  • Maintain a routine
  • Measure your progress

Alarm clock

  • Avoid sleeping with your phones on bed side
  • It helps in digital detox
  • Improves your sleep quality
  • Prevents you from checking your phone first thing in the morning
  • This habit is also very good for your brain and nervous system

Water bottle

  • A good water bottle helps you stay hydrated
  • It serves as an excellent reminder for you to drink water
  • You will know extactly how much water you’ve had during the day
  • Get a good water bottle and avoid plastic water bottles

Fitness band

  • A fitness band / step counter helps in tracking daily physical activity
  • It acts as a very good extrenal motivator to walk more

Yoga / exercise mat

  • Yoga / exercise mats helps prevents injuries by slipping
  • They provide with some cushioning on hard surfaces
  • They help you define your exercise space and set boundaries
  • Mats also provide protection from cold and dirt

Exercise tools

  • These can be categorised into two
  • Cardio / mobility tools
  • Stepper
  • Twister
  • Foam / hard roller
  • Strength training tools
  • Resistace band
  • Dumb bells
  • Kettle bell
  • Ab roller / wheel
  • Pull up bars

Bluetooth earphones / speakers

  • Your hands are free and are more mobile
  • They help you lift your mood while workout

Kitchen essentials

  • You must have your kitchen essentials in place
  • Eating right is as important as a good workout
  • Apart from these, investing in good clothes which are comfortable during workout is essential as well
  • You can also look to invest in a few good books on health and fitness

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