May Weight Loss Diet Plan

In these difficult times when we’re all at home, concentrating on maintaining your weight can be difficult. Staying in your ideal weight mostly depends on what you eat. Eliminating any particular food group from your diet is not a very good idea. Most of the fad diets like keto, plaeo, liquid diet etc are not sustainable in the long run. Eliminating a particular food group from your diet can affect your immunity and metabolism adversly. To cater for your requirement this two weeks Indian vegetarian diet plan has been made. This diet plan is highly balanced and is very easy to follow.

Some basics

  • This diet plan is loaded with essential vitamins and minerals like zinc, vitamin C. iron, folic acid, selenium and vitamin D
  • Make sure you cycle your diet basis your activity levels
  • Eat less on days when you’re engaging in physical activity
  • Eat more when you’ve had a proper workout
  • Have small frequent meals which are high on protein, fibre and water content
  • Focus on good food combination and the right way of eating
  • Follow intermittent fasting and make sure you have early dinner
  • Include mid morning snack that is fruits or drink in your diet
  • Some drinks which you can have as snacks are
  • Sattu
  • Shikanji
  • Kokum juice
  • Aam panna
  • Ambali
  • Chaas
  • Gond katira juice
  • Ash gourd juice
  • Barley water
  • Chia detox water
  • Your evening snack shoud be high in protein and fibre

Some other important tips

  • Avoid excessive fried food
  • Avoid consuming refined food and heavy meals
  • Swap healthy and lite food for cravings
  • Don’t have too much sweet, salt, tea, coffee or choclate
  • Eat slowly with a postive mind
  • Avoid distractions while eating
  • For morning juice have green barley or wheat grass, moringa, amla giloy, neem juice or aloevera juice

Points to remember

  • Include fruits and vegetbales as per region and season
  • Bed time summer drinks like gulkand milk are good for you
  • Portion your meal size as per your activity levels
  • For sugar cravings, have dark choclate or few pieces of misri with fennel seeds
  • Prepare a meal before going to bed
  • Don’t store a lot of drinks or meals cooked for future consumption
  • Consume drinks as per availability
  • Add few drops of lemon or ACV in your green tea
  • Consume morning tea 20-30 minutes post meal
  • Stay hydrated
  • Include more probiotics in your diet
First WeekBreakfast 0800-0900Snack 1030Snack 1230Lunch 1330-1400Snack 1630-1700Dinner Before 1930
MonBarley peanut butter with milk smoothieSeasonal fruitsButtermilkLuaki dal with roti / rice with saladRoasted chana with teaPanner roll grilled with veggies
TuePoha with sproutsSeasonal FruitsLite ragi ambliKala chana sabzi with roti / rice and saladRoasted makhana with teaMultigrain vegetable dalia
WedAsh gourd juice or green juiceSeasonal FruitsLemon shikanjiRaw papaya saladCoconut waterMix veg stew
ThrusOvernight oatsSeasonal FruitsAam pannaBarley moong sprouts salad with curdHM energy bar with teaMix veg with roti and peanut chutney
FriRagi besan chillaSeasonal FruitsBarley waterChana dal with roti / rice and saladMurmura with peanutsGrilled paneer with vegetables
SatSattu banana smoothieSeasonal FruitsButtermilkIdili sambhar / rajma riceTrail mix with teaSweet barley with porridge
SunStuffed paranthaSeasonal fruitsKokum juiceLove mealHandful of chana with teaLite moong dal khichadi
First WeekBreakfast 0800-0900Snack 1030Snack 1230Lunch 1330-1400Snack 1630-1700Dinner Before 1930
MonRagi ambli porridgeSeasonal fruitsSattu milkMix veg salad with curdChia puddingBarley mix veg dalia soup
TueHM granolaSeasonal FruitsKokum juice / butter milkWhole masoor dal with roti / rice and saladHM cookiesCapsicum paneer sabzi with roti and salad
WedRed detox juiceSeasonal FruitsLemon shikanjiAsh gourd saladCoconut waterMix veg stew
ThrusMoong dal with ragi chillaSeasonal FruitsChaasRice veg / paneer pulao with raitaHandful sprouts and teaRagi roti with sabzi and salad
FriOats upmaSeasonal FruitsSattu drinkSprouts vegetbale saladChia pudding with teaBarley mix veg soup
SatRagi ambli smoothieSeasonal FruitsAam pannaChole rice with salad and curdEnergy bars with teaMix veg dalia with dal khichadi
SunBread toast / dosa chutneySeasonal fruitsLemonade / buttermilkLove mealRaosted peanuts with teaLentil soup

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