Most Nutritious And High Protein Food

Most Nutritious And High Protein Food

The food we’re going to talk about is Sattu. It is one of the most nutritious and high protein Indian food. Sattu or roasted chana powder is high in protein and is considered as the power house of energy. It is often referred to as the power man’s protein because of it’s inexpensive source if nutrients. However, rich and poor everyone who understands the benefits of sattu include it in the diet to get maximum benefits. It is also full of fibre and great for digestive health as well.

What is it ?

  • For sattu, bengal gram is first soaked in water and dried under the sun
  • It is then roasted using a traditional technique called bhoojna
  • Where a cast iron wok is placed on a wood fired chulla
  • The wok is partially filled with sand and bengal gram is roasted in it
  • The sand ensured even distribution of heat and takes out all the moisture from the legume
  • All this while, the nutrients stay inside
  • Roasted gram is then milled along with the husk
  • This cooking process imparts an earthly taste and adds aroma to the final product
  • It also ensures that the final product lasts longer


  • Sattu is very nutritious
  • It is rich in protein, fibre, calcium, iron and sodium
  • It is also abundant in manganese and magnesium as well
  • 100 grams sattu contains
    • 22.4 g protein
    • 5 g fat
    • 61 g carbs
    • 380 calories

Benefits of consuming sattu

  • It enhances energy
  • Consuming sattu stimulates the red blood cells to grow faster in the body, thanks to it’s iron content
  • With more red blood cells, the body gets more oxygen which provides adequate energy to you
  • Protein in sattu helps you in muscle growth and repair
  • Sattu is great for your digestive system
  • It aids weight loss and it enhances metabolism in the body
  • It helps to flush out toxins from the body as it is a detoxifying agent
  • Sattu also helps to keep the body cool and hydrated through out the day
  • It is also considered very good for people with diabetes
  • Sattu is also known for assisting in improved bowel movement
  • Sattu traditionally has also been used to treat hair fall
  • Sattu is gluten free
  • It is very good for women during menstruation

Ways to include sattu in your diet

  • It can be consumed in a number of ways like ladoos, parantha, halwa, panjiri, tikki and chilla
  • However, sarbat sattu is the easiest way to have it
  • It can be easily prepared in a few minutes
  • Sattu doesn’t contain any harmful calories
  • A glass of sattu can be consumed at any time during the day

Health benefits of jau ka sattu

  • Helps to stabilise blood pressure and lowers high cholesterol levels
  • It is rich in fibre and very low in fat thus it aids in weight loss
  • It helps boost your intestinal health
  • Barley sattu contains vitamins, minerals and calcium which promotes healthy bones and teeth
  • It has great potential to combat diabetes by reducing the secretion of bile juices and increasing production of insulin
  • It also promotes cardiovascular health

Who should refrain from consuming ?

  • Those allergic to chana or those who find it difficult to digest should refrain from having it
  • Consumed in excess quantity, sattu can cause gas in the stomach, so people with gastric issues should refrain from consuming it
  • People who are suffering from stones in gall bladder should avoid consuming sattu

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