Must Have Summer Food : Gond Katira

Gond Katira a crystalline herb which could be found in many Indian kitchens until upto a few decades ago. Scientifically known as Tragacanth Gum, it is obtained from the dried sap of plant stem or roots. On soaking in water, it changes it’s appearance from being crystalline hard yellow gum to becoming like white jelly. It has amazing dual properties of cooling the body in summers and heating it during the winters. Because if it’s health benefits, Gond Katira is an important part of the ayurvedic system.

Some basic facts

  • Gond Katira is a must have summer food to lose weight
  • It helps boost metabolism and also assists in metabolism
  • It is odourless and is super rich in calcium, magnesium, protein and selenium
  • It also contains antioxidants, certain alkaloids and folic acids as well

Benefits of gond katira

  • Helps prevents heat stroke as it has amazing cooling properties
  • Gond katira can help you lose weight as it has amazing properties to kick start the metabolic rate of the body
  • It reduces hunger pangs as it is very rich in fibre
  • It helps boost energy levels in the body
  • Gond katira is great for the bone tissues as it contains a good amount of magnesium and calcium
  • It is very good for breats feeding mothers as it contains good protein and calcium
  • Due to it’s nourshing properties, it is very beneficial in small quantities during pregnancy
  • It helps calm the urinary muscles and also helps to treat blockage of urine
  • It contains anti inflammatory properties. It can be used to lower blood pressure
  • In summers, taking gond katira with curd in the morning will help you treat migraine
  • Gond katira is known to increase male and female strength and libido
  • Gond katira has anti aging properties, it helps to keep your skin fresh and clear. It also helps to eliminate pimple and acne problems
  • Helps females in reducing heavy bleeding

How to consume Gond Katira

  • Gond katira absorbs water and converts itself into a gel like substance which can be further stirred into a fine paste
  • We can soak two spoons of gond katira crystals at night, it will get converted into smooth and shinning gel
  • We can add sugar, milk and blend it to form a custard, or add milk, sugar and rose syrup to form a shake
  • Since it is tasteless and odourless, we can add any flavour to it

Uses of Gond Katira

  • Apart from it’s health benefits, gond katira has a vide variety of uses in other industries as well
  • It is utilised as a paste in modern treatment for burns
  • It is also used in drinks, processed cheese, food dressing and different puddings
  • In foods, it acts as a stabiliser, texture additive and emulsifier
  • It is also used as a thickner is sauces, confections and ice creams etc
  • Gons katira is also used as a traditional binder
  • To grip all the powdered herbs in collaboration, it is also used in incense making as a binder
  • As a binder, it is also used in paper manufacturing

Precautions while using gond katira

  • Check for sensitivity for natural gums which can cause breathing problems
  • Consuming sufficient water to prevent choking or blockage in the intestine
  • Make sure to have plenty of oral fluids when consuming gond katira to prevent any side effects
  • If you’re allergic to it, it may cause breathing problems
  • If you’re on any medication, it is better to consult physician

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