My 15 Days Dinner Plan

Wonder what a dietitian eats in real life ! Here’s a peek into my dinner meal plan and what I eat for dinner on a daily basis. You can find out how to make healthy Indian dinner on a dialy basis by doing some simple additions to your dinner plate. Since the very beginning of my health journey, I’ve made some conscious decisions to keep some dinner menu simple and healthy. My dinner menu is usually simple, easy to make and less stressful to incorporate in the diet

Some important pointers

  • I usually have my dinner between 1930 – 2000 hours
  • This ensures that I have my dinner atleast 2 hours before going to bed
  • My dinner usually consists of
  • Complex carbs : dalia, whole wheat roll, quinoa
  • Veg protein : low fat paneer, pulses, soy
  • Seasonal veggies : For fibre, vitamins, minerals
  • Healthy fat in moderation
  • I prefer a hearty healthy bowl recipe like wholesome soup, porridge, khichadi etc
  • Once a week, I do detox or eat just veggies for dinner ( I do this generally on Wednesdays)
  • Once on the weekends, I eat my cheat meal for dinner

My dinner

Day 1

  • Capsicum
  • Karela sabzi
  • Roti

Day 2

  • Capsicum paneer
  • Karela sabzi
  • Roti

Day 3

  • Moringa veggies soup for detox

Day 4

  • Whole wheat pasta

Day 5

  • Quinoa low fat paneer veggies

Day 6

  • Cheat day
  • Pizza

Day 7

  • Light ragi soup

Day 8

  • Egg curry
  • Eggplant
  • Veggies

Day 9

  • Tofu with veggies
  • Marinated veggies
  • One roti

Day 10

  • Semi cooked mixed veggies
  • Detox day

Day 11

  • High protein quinoa soup

Day 12

  • Wholw wheat noodles
  • Lentil soup

Day 13

  • High fibre barley soup

Day 14

  • Multigrain khichadi
  • With veggies

Day 15

  • Missal pav
  • With sprouts curry

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