One Day Detox Diet Plan

There are days when we feel heavy and low on energy, To avoid this, it is important to cleanse our system and treat it with some much needed alkaline food. In this one day weekly detox diet I’ve shared what can you eat and bring back your energy, focus and give your digestive system some boost. This detox plan / diet is very simple and easy to follow. This full day diet has a limit of 600 calories.

Detox Water

  • I use two types of detox water for use during the day
  • These are cucumber and carrot detox water
  • Recipes of these is available on our other you tube channel called FitFoodFlavours
  • Let these detox water infuse for 3-4 hours before you start drinking them
  • Consume these detox water throughout the day
  • These detox water help control cravings, increase your water consumption and maintain the blood sugar levels in your body

Barley Grass Juice

  • In your fasting window, have a glass of barley grass juice
  • This barley grass juice helps you kick start your day with the essential nutrients your body needs

Detox Juice

  • Open your fasting window at 1030 hours
  • Open your fast with a detox juice
  • This detox juice has watermelon and mosambi in it
  • Sice watermelon is very sweet, you don’t need to add anything else in this juice

Bulletproof Tea

  • The next thing you have is the bulletproof tea
  • The recipe for this tea is available on our you tube channel FitFoodFlavours
  • Have this tea at 1130 hours
  • Benefits of this tea
    • Speeds up your metabolism
    • Controls your cravings
    • Boosts your energy levels
    • Improves digestion
    • Helps keep your bowels regular
    • Helps raise the levels of good cholesterol in the body
  • Make sure you have this tea warm

Snack Time

  • Have a snack at 1240 hours
  • Have 1.5 cups honey dew melon

Salad For Lunch

  • Have a salad for lunch
  • This should have around 1445 hours
  • This salad is made of simple vegetables like carrot, broccoli and cucumber
  • Add some tomatoes after these vegetables have boiled for some time
  • You can add some homemade chatni for taste
  • 2 cups of this seasonal vegetables and cucumber salad is an excellent choice for lunch

Herbal Tea

  • You can have this herbal tea post lunch
  • I recommend having it around 1515 hours
  • For this herbal tea, I recommend lemon grass, fennel and ginger tea

Your detox water ingredients

  • You can eat the cucumber and carrots which you used to prepare your detox water

Dinner Soup

  • Have tomato, carrot and pumpkin soup for dinner
  • Have it at around 1915 hours
  • You can add some black pepper for taste

Calories and Timings

Green Juice200945
Morning Detox Juice911030
Bulletproof Tea621130
Honey Dew Melon701240
Lunch Veggies Salad1351430
Detox Water Veggies70Snack
Herbal Tea151515
Carrot Pumpkin Juice1541915

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