Two Days Juice Fasting Detox Diet

This is a very simple two days juice fasting detox and cleansing diet for flat belly and weight loss with full meal plan and it’s benefits. In this diet, a person consumes only the juices of fruits and vegetables and refrains from eating anything solid. Juice fasting helps to heal the body as it makes the system relaxed, calm and rejuvenated through good nourishment. It also enhances the natural detoxification process of the entire body. Make sure you only consume seasonal fruits and vegetables during this diet.

Some important pointers

  • Avoid making juices by combining too many ingredients
  • Never mix bottle gourd or ash gourd juice with any other veggies or fruit
  • Never combine melons with anything else
  • Beware of the right food combination while making juices
  • Consume coconut water for maintaining electrolyte balance
  • Start and close your fast with care
  • Don’t open your juice fast with the usual heavy meals
  • Open juice fast with serving of whole fruits or light vegetables
  • You can consume very small portion of rice

2 days juice cleansing diet plan

  • 0700-0730 hrs        :        Ash gourd / bottle gourd or amla juice  
  • 0930 hrs                :        Watermelon / carrot juice
  • 1330 hrs                :        Green juices
  • 1530 hrs                :        Coconut water
  • 1730 hrs                :        Grape juice or pineapple juice
  • 1930 hrs                :        Barley or wheat grass juice
  • You can add some spices / herbs to the juices
  • If you’re feeling dizzy / tired, you can add pink pock salt or pinch or jaggery

Benefits of juice fast cleansing

  • Fruits and veggies are high in vitamins and minerals
  • This gives a much needed break to your system
  • Juices are rich in anti inflammatory compounds which help boost the immune system
  • It can help strength the working of gut bacteria
  • This diet promotes fat loss
  • Cleansing helps reduce belly fat
  • Reduces the calorie intake
  • This diet helps introduce enzymes that make the gut work more efficiently
  • It provides a kick to the metabolism

Possible downsides

  • A juice cleanse is not as easy as it sounds
  • Shoudn’t be done too often or for too long
  • Weight loss achieved during this period can be temporary if you’re not careful
  • Weakness and fatigue may be experienced by some people

Points to remember

  • Do this cleanse when you’re stress free
  • Avoid intense workout while doing this diet
  • You can go for slow walks
  • Follow meditation for complete mind and body detoz
  • Buy fresh and seasonal ingredients
  • Avoid junk, processed or refined food a day before starting this cleanse
  • Stay hydrated, drink optimal amount of water
  • Avoid caffeine completely
  • Wash and clean the fruits and vegetables properly

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