1300-1400 calorie winter meal plan

What I Eat In a Day

This article is about what I eat in a day on a modified 1300-1400 calories diet plan for weight loss. I am still following intermittent fasting and following the window of 10 : 15. My diet is very simple and is mostly home made Indian food. All the recipes are readily available on our channels.

Starting my day

  • I start my day with 2-3 glasses of warm water
  • This ensures that my digestive system gets activated
  • After this, I carry out 20-30 minutes of medium intensity workout

1st Meal

  • The first meal or fast breaker meal is around 1000 hours
  • It consists of 5 soaked almonds and 1 fig
  • This amounts to 47 calories and 2 grams protein

Detox juice

  • This meal is followed by my morning detox juice at around 1020 hours
  • This detox juice consists of winter fruits and vegetables
  • This amounts to roughly 114 calories
  • One of the key ingredients of this detox juice is the Oziva Superfood Green and Herbs
  • Oziva Superfood Green and Herbs is India’s 1st alkalising green blend
  • Apart from spinach, mint, moringa, wheatgrass and barley grass, it also contains fennel seeds, lemon, pomegranate, tamarind and amla apart from other nutritional ingredients
  • You can consume it empty stomach as well
  • Just add 2 scoops in about 150 ml luke warm water or room temperature water
  • Or you can mix it in your juice just like I’m doing today


  • My breakfast is at 1140 hours
  • It consisted of jawar and besan chilla
  • It contains total 190 calories and 12 grams protein
  • I had my breakfast along with homemade dahi dip and 3/4 tsp homemade butter


  • My tea is at 1210 hours
  • This tea is a desi spiced milk tea
  • Albeit it’s low on sugar
  • It contains about 58 calories


  • My lunch is at 1430 hours
  • It consisted of a medium size budha bowl
  • This bowl contains 380 calories and about 20 grams of protein
  • This budha bowl consists of small bowl of dal, 1/2 cup kala chana, 1/2 cup dahi, 3/4 cup rice, 1 cup veggies and some amla

Post luch tea

  • My post lunch winter detox tea is taken 45 minutes after my lunch
  • The recipe for this tea is readily available on our channel
  • This tea conatins jaggery so it has about 25 calories

Evening snack

  • My evening snack consists of moon milk
  • This contains about 270 calories and 12 grams protein
  • I have this around 1730 hours


  • My dinner consists of low carb veggies with grilled paneer
  • About 1.5 cups veggies and 50 grams grilled paneer
  • Dinner is usually at 1930 hours
  • It consists of 284 calories and 11 grams protein

This diet plan consists of total 1368 calories and 57 grams protein

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