21 Days No Sugar Challenge 

Myth: You Don’t Have a Sugar Problem

Sugar is everywhere, most packaged foods have sugar in them 

The Dietary Guidelines advises no more than 3 tsp of visible added sugar in any farm like gud honey etc., for an adult daily.

Hidden Name of sugar mostly ending with “Ose”: 









Artificial sweeteners are also not healthy for you 

Artificial sweeteners can damage brain and gut health

Some research shows that on long term daily use of artificial sweeteners suggests a link to a higher risk of stroke, heart disease and death overall

You have to Avoid Stevia and Artificial Sweeteners as well 

Benefits of 21 Days Quit Sugar Challenge: 

  1. No More cravings for sugar: 

You might lose your appetite for sugar completely. When you cut down sugar your craving and requirement of sugar for your body will automatically reduce.

  • It will Boost Your Intake of Nutrient-Rich Foods

When you cut sugar from your diet your body will automatically crave for nutrient dense food.

  • You won’t get hunger pangs 

When you give up sugar, your taste buds become more sensitive to natural flavors. You will begin to appreciate the subtle sweetness of fruit and other natural foods more.

4. Weight loss due to less water & Fat retention 

One of the most significant benefits of cutting out sugar is its positive effect on weight control. When you eliminate sugar from your diet your reduce your calorie intake and reduce your risk of obesity.

5. Boost in mood & energy levels 

By cutting out sugar, you stabilize your energy levels and provide a consistent and sustained source of energy throughout the day.

6. Improved Skin Health 

By eliminating sugar from your diet, you can experience brighter, healthier skin because sugar can cause inflammation and lead to excess oil production, both of which contribute to skin problems.

7. Boost brain health for better focus, memory & concentration 

When you cut out sugar, you may notice improved mental clarity, sharper focus, and better overall cognitive function.

8. Reduce inflammation & stiffness 

Cutting down sugar can reduce inflammation and stiffness in your body. And also it helps to reduce the chronic problems like arthritis joint pains and muscle stiffness.

9. Better kidney & Liver function 

Studies shows that excessive added sugar can lead to fatty liver. Cutting down sugar can helps in better kidney and liver function.

10. Reduced tooth decay 

Cutting out sugar can lead to better oral health by reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease. 

11. Improve sleep quality 

When you stop consuming sugar, your hormones function better, including the hormones responsible for healthy, restorative sleep.

Foods to avoid in 21 Days Quit Sugar Challenge 

  • Sweeteners: like table sugar, honey, any syrup, agave, coconut sugar
  • Sweetened beverages: like soda, sweetened smoothies and juices, flavoured drinks sweetened coffee drinks, sports drinks
  • Store bought Condiment: ketchup, BBQ sauce, honey mustard
  • Sweetened dairy products: flavoured yogurt, ice cream, chocolate milk
  • Bakery Store goods: cookies, cakes, donuts, bread with added sugar
  • Sugary breakfast foods: cereals, bars, granola, flavoured oatmeal
  • Candy: chocolate, gummy candies, caramels
  • alcoholic beverages: mixed drinks, sweetened liquor, sweetened canned alcoholic drinks

Get Ready for Withdrawal Symptoms 

  1. Mild headaches 
  2. Irritation or mood swings 
  3. Low energy & focus 
  4. Excessive cravings for sugary foods 
  5. Disturbed sleep
  6. Memory 

Eat a seasonal fruit to curb cravings 

You can also have cinnamon salt & mint water 

Dates not more than 2-3 in a Day

Motive of doing 21 days Quit Sugar Challenge 

  1. Not a quick fix, it will prepare to be mindful of daily sugar intake 
  2. Awareness about sugar consumption & harmful effects 
  3. Reading labels 
  4. Buy single ingredient food only 
  5. Freedom from Sugar slavery / becoming a master 

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