21 Days Weight Loss Challenge 

Lose weight, boost digestion and Look half your age 

  1. Quit sugar for 21 days 

Quitting sugar can lead to overall improved health.  Foods and drinks rich in sugar content are often in high calories but low in nutrition, by cutting out sugar can reduce your overall calorie intake making it easier to maintain a healthy weight.

  • No jaggery or Honey, you can only have 2-3 dates in a day 
  • No bread or any other bakery items 
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, stevia and Monk sugar as well

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Number Codes for Sweeteners in packaged foods 

950Acesulfame potassium (Ace K)
952Cyclamate or calcium cyclamate or sodium cyclamate
962Aspartame-acesulfame salt
965Maltitol and maltitol syrup or hydrogenated glucose syrup
  • Caffeine curfew 

Caffeine leads to poor sleep and more sugar cravings I certain individuals so its better to avoid or limit the caffeine intake.

  • No more than 2 Tea/ Coffee in a day 
  • Avoid Tea/Coffee 2 hours after waking up and post 5 Pm 
  • Try alternative roasted barley tea, coriander Tea, chicory roots, chickpea 
  • Excess caffeine is bad for your Gut & brain health 
  • Excess caffeine leads to dehydration and poor sleep 

3. Morning & Bed Time Drink for Weight Loss 

     These drinks aids in digestion and metabolism  and also help burn more calories and fat more efficiently.

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  • Morning : Gond Katira & Jeera Drink
  • Bedtime :   Saunf, Mint & Ginger Tea
  • Detox Diet Once in a Week 

Detox diet helps in weight loss, toxin removal, better sleep, reduced inflammation, improves hormones and also it gives rest to our digestion system so that over digestion improves.

  • You can only have whole fruits & Semi cooked vegetables 
  • You can add some seeds to salads 
  • Coconut water and herbal tea are also allowed 
  • Avoid caffeine completely on detox days  

5. Only One ingredient snack 

         It is very beneficial in reducing intake junk food like bakery items and helps in reducing intake of more calorie foods.

  • You can have channa, boiled corn makhana, fruits etc.
  • You can add salt and seasoning to it.
  • Avoid Biscuits, Namkeen or any packaged or refined snacks 

6. Intermittent Fasting (14:11) 

      Fasting for a short time can produce ketosis, which is a process that occurs when the body doesn’t have enough glucose foe energy, so it breaks down stored fat instead.

  • Eat for 11 hours and Fast for 14 hours in a day  
  • Try to finish your Last meal by 7:30-8pm
  • You can have July Bedtime Tea in Fasting Window 
  • Follow a fixed eating schedule/routine to get maximum results 

Workout Challenge 

7. Progression in Walking Workout for Weight Loss 

Walking is an Easy & Effective way for improving Activity level.

Walking is a great form of physical activity that’s free, low risk, and accessible to most people

Walking is easy on your knees and other joints

Walking is great for Heart, Mood, Metabolism, Digestion & Bone Density

  • Introduce slow interval jogs in walking (3 min walk -30 Sec jog)
  • You can increase the interval time gradually 
  • Use body weights to progress in walking 
  • Complete 10-12k steps in a day 

Boosting brain health 

8. Prepare a Pocket Note Diary

    Making a habit of it will train our brains to be clearer, more concise, disciplined and logical. The benefits of this improved mental flow will carry over to all other areas of our lives. It improves focus and decision-making skills and helps us combat procrastination.

  • Things to Note down in your Pocket Diary
  • Your daily thought
  • Ideas/solutions 
  • Reminders
  • To do list items 
  • Things to get / to shop items 

This help clear space in your brain making it feel light and Decluttered 

9. Digital Detox

     Digital detox helps in improved mental health, better quality of sleep, reduced stress and anxiety, improved relationships and better productivity.

  • Stay away from your devices for at least 5 hours in a day 
  • Try doing complete Digital detox once in a week 

10. Meditation 5 min Daily 

       Research suggests just five minutes of meditation a day could significantly reduce stress and improve emotional coping, helping to promote general wellbeing as a result.

3 Steps for doing Focused meditation 

Sit in a comfortable position, in a quiet place 

Steps one: Close  eyes and count back from 100 to 1 

This helps Detach from outer thought and surrounding 

Steps two: Do 5 Deep box breathing 7-7-8 

Inhale for 7 Second – hold breath for 7 Sec – Exhale completely in 8 seconds 

Step Three : Scan your body from toe to head, focus deeply on areas which are your weaker point, areas which have niggles or pain

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