4 Essentials For Women To Lose Weight

A women essentially needs 4 things to lose that extra weight. Beyond the age of 25 years all of us need to be extra cautious with our body. Weight loss isn’t merely a quick fix or a up and down thing. It is infact a process which has to be diligently followed. If you want to be successful in your quest for weight loss, you have to  holistically focus on a number of things. Your approach has to be balanced and one that taps into how to retain mass which losing fat. Let’s see what are these 4 essentials which a women needs to lose weight

Maintaining and Preserving Muscle Mass

  • Women can lose upto 3 to 5 % of their muscle mass every decade after the age of 30
  • Which means that the protein intake has to be increased ton preserve muscles in the body
  • One needs to consume atleast 0.8 grams per kg body weight everyday
  • When you increase activity levels ensure that you increase your protein intake accordingly
  • While working out, you can consume upto 1 gram per kg of your body weight
  • Paneer, tofu are examples of good sources of protein
  • In your workout routine, include strength and resistance training as strength training builds muscles which helps increase your metabolism
  • Higher metabolism means you burn more calories throughout the day even while your body is at rest
  • Increased metabolism turns your body into a more efficient fat burning machne which also accelerates your weight loss process

Improving Bone Strength and Density

  • As we age, our bones become thinner and lose their density
  • Women tend to experience a decrease in the total bone mass from the age of 30
  • Low intake of calcium, vitamin D 3 and imbalance in estrogen levels may cause low bone density that increases the risk of bone fractures while aging
  • Vegetables are very good for your bones, they are one of the best sources of vitamin C which stimulates the production of bone forming cells
  • Vegetables also increase bone mineral density also known as the bone density
  • Increase calcium intake, include dairy products, seeds like sesame seeds and nuts, beans, lentils, green vegetables etc
  • Include the Oziva Plant Based HerBones in your diet
  • Oziva Plant Based HerBones is made from 100 % natural and plant based ingredients, it supports your bone strength in the body
  • It contains plant based calcium along with vegan vitamin D 3 and vitamin K 2 MK-7 which supports bone health
  • Oziva Plant Based HerBones has 3 times higher absorption as compared to rock and synthetic calcium
  • It has vegan D 3. Most vitamin D 3 supplements in the market are derived from non vegetarian sources
  • It has a hormonal balance blend which helps in balancing estrogen levels – a crucial factor to maintain bone and muscle strength
  • You can consume 2 capsules before going to bed
  • Spend time in the sun to get natural vitamin D
  • Avoid low calorie and low fat diets

Maintaining Hormonal Balance

  • Try to avoid or reduce stress to balance hormones
  • Increased levels of cortisol hormone can lead to hormonal imbalance in females
  • Make sure you improve your overall lifestyle to maintain hormonal balance
  • Avoid over and under eating, make sure you have a balanced and nutritional diet

Intake of Optimum Amount of Fluid

  • Fluid is necessary to boost metabolism
  • It helps maintain the electrolyte balance in the body
  • Try to consume 35 ml / kg body weight of fluids daily to maintain the optimal fluid levels in your body

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