The Secret To Losing Fat

Weight loss is much more than giving up your favorite food or snacks. It’s also not about hours spent training. It’s certainly not just about gaining knowledge or listening to expert advice. Weight loss is all about mastering some very basic healthy habits that help create the foundation of a healthy lifestyle. 75 % of your weight loss goals depend on what you eat. Let’s see what are these basic habits upon which weight loss goals hinge.

Train your brain to eat healthy

  • An untrained brain will always pick food with the highest calories
  • It will pay attention towards more fat, more salt or more sugar
  • Train your brain to understand hunger
  • Cravings can be sign of nutritional deficiency
  • If you crave for salthy food, you could be dehydrated
  • Stress, loneliness and boredome also might be making you eat more than what your body needs
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is another reason for binge eating
  • Also be very mindful of the portion size

Break from food attachments

  • Unknowingly we get attached to food which might also include healthy food
  • If we don’t get that food regularly, we feel unsatisfied
  • Biggest example of such food are tea, coffee and protein shakes
  • Taking a break from food that has become a compulsive part of your diet is of paramount importance
  • This will help you get control of your diet and will enable you to make better food choices
  • Food like choclate, cheese, breads etc are all unhealthy food attachments

Learn to read labels

  • Food that may look healthy may not actually be healthy
  • Food like oats cookies, low fat  snacks, brown bread, nut butters, baked snacks etc not healthy at all
  • Look at the first few ingredients, generally food which is most abundant in content is at the beginning of the list of ingredients
  • Watch out for the sugar content in all the food items you buy of the shelf
  • Dextrose, fructose, galactose, lactose etc are all forms of sugar
  • Keep an keen eye on types of fat or oils that are present in your food item
  • Also watch out and read about other complicated food ingredients that you don’t understand

Practice cooking

  • Learn to prepare one or two protein and fiber sources
  • Learn simple ways to use paneer, eggs, chicken breast, boiled chana, dal and veggies
  • Master a few recipes that are quick, easy to make, have protein and fiber and are convenient to prepare

Planning and organising

  • Don’t plan and organise your kitchen empty stomach
  • Reorganise your kitchen from time to time

Eat local

  • Always consume food items which are local
  • Include all seasonal food items in your diet

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