A Day In My Life

How you plan your day is imperative for maintaining good health. Good health is all about a good routine, exercise and a balanced diet.

Morning routine

  • A good morning routine entails waking up on time
  • You can wake up on time if you sleep early
  • Getting enough sleep is the key to good health as deep sleep repairs repairs the body and gets you ready for the next day
  • Your morning routine should include about an hour of exercise as well
  • Your exercise shouldn’t be monotonous, rather you should mix it up to cater for all major muscle groups in the body


  • My breakfast is usually around 0945 hours
  • Today it consisted of one whole wheat egg sandwitch
  • Along with the sandwitch, it had veggies on the side

Morning tea

  • My morning tea is about 45 minutes after the breakfast
  • I have my morning tea with dairy free milk


  • I aim to finish my work post my morning tea
  • I try and not waste any time while I look to finish my work, which means that I work with full concentration to finish my work at the earliest

Mid morning snack

  • My mid morning snack consisted of tangy mango summer salad
  • I usually have my mid morning snack around 1230 hours


  • Lunch today was mixed lentil with whole wheat roti and curd
  • I have my lunch at around 1400 hours

Evening tea

  • My evening tea is at 1645 hours
  • I have it with some hoemade snacks like namkeen etc

Spending time with my kid

  • Post my evening tea, I look to spend time with my kid
  • I devote my entire evening for my kid’s study and play time
  • It is imperative to keep your kids engaged and pay due attention to them specially during the current times


  • My dinner at 1930 hours
  • Today it consisted of quinoa dal khichadi
  • My khichadi was accompanied with ghee

Off to bed

  • I keep myself occupied with the household chores for untill an hour after my dinner
  • Hitting the bed immediately after dinner means the food doesn’t get digested the way it should
  • I have a set post dinner routine after which I hit my bed early to ensure I get adequate sleep for the next day

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