April Weight Loss Diet Plan

Here is the April weight loss diet plan. With this diet plan, you can have a balanced and nutritious diet every single day of the week. Remember, like always, eating right is the start of your journey for weight loss. Unless you maintain a healthy lifestyle, indulge in physical exercise weight even if achieved through crash diet or any other pseudo diets is not sustainable.

April weight loss strategies

  • Following the four R’s : right diet, right time, right portion and right way
  • Green super juices as your morning drink
  • Gourd vegetables and food high in water content and fibre
  • Protein sprouts salad and beans salad
  • Buttermilk post lunch and other probiotics
  • Include other Indian seasonal drinks in your diet

Eat right

  • Small portion
  • Frequent meals
  • Include more fruits, veggies and summer drinks in the diet
  • Gap of 2-3 hours between meals
  • Reduce the size of main meals
  • Follow intermittent fasting window of minimum 13:11 or 14:10
  • Eat without distractions and chew properly
  • Avoid drinking water while eating
  • Avoid caffeinated drinks, refined food, alcohol and processed food

Your routine

  • Start your day with 1 glass luke warm water followed by two glasses of luke warm water
  • Include wheat grass juice as your morning drink
  • Benefits of wheat grass juice
    • It is fibrous in nature and rich in enzymes
    • It helps boost metabolism
    • It is a good option to initiate detoxification and cleanse the body from within
    • It has anti ageing properties
    • It helps to strength the immune system
    • Wheat grass juice helps to revitalise the body
    • It helps manage the body weight by cutting excess fat
    • It helps lower the bad cholesterol
    • Wheat grass juice is known to regulate the sugar levels in the body
    • It also helps to improve the cognitive functioning in the body
    • Wheat grass juice is known to be anti inflammatory

Other important tips

  • Include chia or basil seeds in the diet
  • You can include 1, 2 small cups of mik tea
  • Choose from all the snack options, don’t inlcude all the snacks in your diet
  • Have lemon or barley water in  between meals
  • Avoid store bought juices and other drinks
  • Keep portion size in extreme check
  • Stay hydrated and keep drinking water
First weekBreakfast 0800 to 0900 hoursSnack 1130 to 1200 hoursLunch 1330 to 1400 hoursRefreshment 1630 to 1700 hoursDinner Before 1930 hours
MonVeg pohaAny seasonal fruitRagi roti with dal, salad, curd and buttermilkRoasted chana with herbal teaGrilled panner with 1 cup veggies
Tue1 cup overnight oatsAny seasonal fruitBarley sprouts salad with dahiRoasted makhana sweet with teaRoti, sabzi and salad
WedAsh gourd juice or green juiceAny seasonal fruitRaw papaya salad or mix vegCoconut waterMix veg stew
ThruOats besan chillaAny traditional summer drinkRoti, dal, salad, curd or buttermilkHomemade energy bars with teaMultigarin daliya
FriRagi ambli smoothieAny traditional summer drinkKala chana rice with curd or buttermilkRoasted peanuts with teaSweet barley porridge
SatIdli sambharAny traditional summer drinkBarley sprouts, upma curd or buttermilkHomemade puffed grain namkeen with teaPaneer roll
SunBread toastAny traditional summer drinkLove meal1/2 cup pudding with teaLight lentil veg soup
Second weekBreakfast 0800 to 0900 hoursSnack 1130 to 1200 hoursLunch 1330 to 1400 hoursRefreshment 1630 to 1700 hoursDinner Before 1930 hours
MonRagi rice with ambli porridgeAny seasonal fruitBarley roti witi dal curd / buttermilkCorn sprouts mixMix veg dalia soup
TueHomemade granolaAny seasonal fruitKadhi rice with saladHomemade energy ladoo with teaMoong vadi sabzi with roti
WedRed detox juiceAny seasonal fruitAsh gourd saladCoconut waterMix veg stew
ThruMoong dal ragi chillaAny traditional summer drinkRice veg / panner pulao with raitaChia pudding 1/2 cupBarley mix veg soup
FriBarley smoothieAny traditional summer drinkSprouts veg salad1/4 cup homamade granolaRoti, sabzi and salad
SatOats upmaAny traditional summer drinkChole rice with salad, curd / buttermilkHomemade cookies with teaRagi roti with sabzi
SunStuffed paranthaAny traditional summer drinkLove mealNuts and seeds trail mixMoong dal khichdi

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