Best food to Break Fast in Intermittent Fasting

If you’ve just started fasting / intermittent fasting, this article will help you plan and execute the best ways to break your fast in the morning. It is very important to be conscious of what you eat while breaking your fast in intermittent fasting. Eating the right food in the right quantity to open your eating window will help you maximise the benefits of intermittent fasting. It is better to eat / open your fast with something which gives adequate time to your digestive system to adapt to food again. Opening your fast with heavy, junk and processed food will cause uneasiness, acidity and bloating. This will also negate all the benefits which you will otherwise accure from intermittent fasting.

Mornings during intermittent fasting

  • During intermittent fasting when you open your fast, your digestive system is very sensitive
  • Consuming heavy food or wrong food can put it under tremendous pressure
  • It can lead to stomach disorder, cramps or bloating
  • It can also make you feel lazy and stressful
  • This simply means that you should open your fast with a simple, light and easily digestible meal
  • Avoid consuming any food which might overburden your stomach

Drinks which can consume for breaking your overnight fast

  • Coconut Water
    • Coconut water is the best drink to open your overnight fast
    • Apart from being very light on your stomach it contains a number of healthy ingredients which provide instant energy to your body
    • Drinking coconut water acts as a digestive
    • It also prevents bloating and helps maintain electrolyte balance in your body
  • Fruit Juice
    • It is important to have a single fruit’s juice to break the overnight fast
    • Mixing fruits will put avoidable pressure on your stomach
  • Green Smoothie
    • Green smoothie with water or coconut water as base is very good for your system
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Apple cider vinegar with honey is very good for your system to break the overnight fast
  • Vegetable Juice
    • Vegetable juice again is very good for your body immediately after waking up
    • Carrot juice, bottle gourd juice are examples of vegetable juices which are very good for you
  • Other juices
    • Other juices like spirulina, wheat grass and barley grass juice is very good for system as well

Food which can consume for breaking your overnight fast

  • Soaked Nuts and Seeds
    • Soaked nuts and seeds are a very good source of nutrients for your body
    • These can include almonds, walnuts, chia seeds, basil and flax seeds are some examples of nuts and seeds which you can consume
  • Soaked Dry Fruits
    • Soaked raisins, plum, figs, pruns are again very good to open your fast after waking up
    • However, you must exercise very strict portion control when consuming these
  • Fresh Fruits
    • Fresh fruits are a very good source of energy
    • But exercising portion control with fruits is equally important as well
  • Steamed Vegetables
    • Steamed vegetables are light on your digestive system

First Meal

  • Your first meal after waking up should be light
  • Food like Poha, Upma and Dhokla are some good examples of such food
  • Fermented Food
    • Fermented food like idli, dosa and dhokla are very goof for your system
  • Eggs
    • Eggs are a natural source of good energy
    • However, keeping a check on the portion consumed is very important
  • Quick Oats cooked in Water and Veggies
  • Homemade Granola in Plant Milk
    • Coconut milk is considered very good to be consumed in the mornings
  • Single Fruit Smoothie
    • Smoothie made of a sigle fruit is very good for your health
    • You can add a bit of milk in the smoothie if your digestive system is good
  • Small amount of Healthy Fat
    • Some quantiy of nuts and seeds is good for stomach
    • It also provides you with adequate energy to kickstart your day

Food which you should avoid to break your fast in intermittent fasting

  • Heavy Grains
  • Wheat
  • Beans
  • Chole, Paneer and Dairy items and its products
  • Refined Food
  • Processed Food, Packaged Food
  • Junk and Sugary Food

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  1. Plz share a healthy diet plan for ladies during intermittent fasting, I’m in utmost need as I started intermittent fasting crazily to loose weight but I m suffering from leg pain,constant headaches , acidity.
    I have seen your most of the videos especially about intermittent fasting for ladies n more.Plz be a ray of hope as I want to adopt it as a way of eating n life.

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