My 4:15am Morning Routine

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. In this article I’ve shared my morning routine. Mornings are perhaps the most important time of the day for me. Someone has rightly said, if you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing to do is wake up early ! My waking up early gives me sufficient time to do things in the correct way and without being rushed. I hope all of you are able to pick some important tips on how I start my day to stay fit and healthy

Waking Up

  • I generally wake up at 0415 hours everyday
  • I try and switch off my alarm quickly to ensure noone else in the house gets disturbed by it

Morning Ritual

  • My waking up is followed by a morning ritual that is 20-30 minutes long
    • This ritual starts with combing my hair and washing my face
    • Post face washing, I do oil pulling with cold pressed coconut oil
    • I heat up some water
    • I make some saline water to rinse my mouth
    • After the rinse, I brush my teeth

Morning Work

  • At 0445 hours I start doing my work
  • This work includes reading, studying and carrying out necessary research for my work
  • I also read the client progress sheets at this time
  • By 0600-0615 I start working on my computer
  • By 0700 hours, I finish my morning work and log off from my computer

Morning Walk

  • Post my morning work, I change into my workout clothes
  • The first physical activity is my morning walk
  • In the present scenario, I prefer to walk on my terrace
  • If you access to a park which is safe, you can go for your walks there
  • My morning walk is for 30 minutes

Morning Workout

  • My morning workout lasts for around 20 minutes
  • It consists of different workout routines everyday

Other Morning Chores

  • After finishing the morning workout I carry out the other household chores
  • The day of writing this article, I had to bring up the vegetables out from the car, wash them with a disinfectant and with plain water thereafter
  • After the washing is done, I wipe them with a clean cloth and store in the fridge
  • In today’s scenario, it is imperative that we take all the necessary precautions in the daily chores as well
    • Make sure you wash, rinse and wipe your vegetables before storing them
    • Make sure that your disinfectant is from a reputed brand and is safe to use

Other Tasks

  • Once I finish my morning chores, I immediately go for a shower
  • I wash my face properly before taking a shower
  • Right now I’m using a charcol based face wash

Morning Drink

  • Bathing is followed with the morning drink
  • Today I had moringa juice for my morning drink

Breaking My Fast

  • At around I break my fast
  • Today I had handful of jamun to break my fast


  • This is followed by healthy breakfast
  • Today I had Oats Eggs Idli for breakfast

I shared my morning routine to motivate all of you to wake early and make the most of the time in the mornings. I find solace, calm and quite in the morning hours. I am able to concentrate better and complete my tasks in a time bound manner in the mornings. Even if you are not a morning person, give this morning routine a shot. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how efficient you’ll become at managing things.

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