Best Indian High Protein Grain For Weight Loss

There are Indian grains which are amazing for weight loss, and some of these grains are comparable or even better than quinoa. These grains are gluten free fat loss grains. We are talking about Amaranth / Rajgira and Buckwheat / Kuttu. These grains have super impressive nutrient profile and are associated with a number of amazing health benefits.

Basics about these grains

  • These grains are mainly consumed during navratri fasting as these are classified as pseudo grains
  • Amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa are classified as a pseudo cereal, meaning that they are technically not a cereal grain but shares a comparable set of nutrients and is used in similar ways
  • Their earthly and nutty flavor works well in a variety of dishes
  • Besides being incredibly versatile, these nutritious grains are rich in protein, fiber, micronutrients and antioxidants
  • These grains are complete grain having all essential amino acids

Nutritional value of 100 grams cooked pseudo grains

Protein4 grams4 grams3.8 grams
Net Carbs16.5 grams18.5 grams17 grams
Fibre2.1 grams2.5 grams2.7 grams
Fat1.6 grams2 grams0.6 grams
Iron2.1 mg1.4 mg0.9 mg
Magnesium65 mg64 mg52 mg


  • Amaranth is very high in manganese, copper, zinc, selenium and phosphorous
  • It is a vital source of vitamin K, all group vitamins and vitamin E and C
  • How to cook and use amaranth ?
  • Popped amaranth is used to make bars, smoothies, instant breakfast and salads
  • Amaranth leaves can be used to make saag, salads, upma, khichadi
  • Amaranth seeds are used to make porridge, salad etc

Health benefits of amaranth

  • Amaranth is easy to digest and is gluten free
  • It is very good for the brain health
  • Amaranth helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Amaranth helps develop strong bones because of calcium, potassium and phosphorus present in it
  • Amaranth is very high in antioxidants
  • It is an excellent source of protein and is high in lysine
  • Lysine helps in calcium absorption and has more protein than quinoa

Other health benefits of amaranth

  • It helps inflammation
  • Amaranth is very good for your heart and eyes
  • It lowers and maintains sugar levels in the body
  • Amaranth boosts immunity as it has high concentration of zinc
  • Amaranth helps improve digestion as it is high in fibre and has laxative properties
  • It helps fight anemia because of the high iron concentration in it

Benefits of amaranth for women

  • Amaranth is very good for women as it balances hormones in the body
  • It is good during and post pregnancy because of the high concentration of good nutrients in it
  • It is good for skin and hair because of vitamin K and E present in it
  • It supports weight loss as it has high concentration on nutrients, is very high in protein, high in fibre and low in calories

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