Fat Burning Hormones

Biggest Fat Burning Hormone

Hormones are powerful tools in the journey of weight loss. Your hormones have a very important role to play when it comes to keeping your body and mind running at the optimal levels. If your hormones are out of balance, chances are you will too be out of order. This article is about the biggest fat burning hormone in our body, known as the human growth hormone. Let’s see what is this hormone all about.

Human Growth Hormone

  • This hormone is produced by the cells of the pituitary gland
  • This gland is a small gland found in the brain

What does the human growth hormone (HGH) do ?

  • It stimulates growth
    • This hormone boosts metabolism and promotes anabolism (muscle growth and tissue building)
    • It increases cellular divison and cell replication
    • The human growth hormone helps prevent cell death
  • HGH influences metabolism
    • This hormone assists in protein synthesis
    • It also helps in fat metabolsim and glucose metabolism
  • HGH plays a very important role in muscle growth and muscle retention
  • It helps maintain the correct density in your bones
  • Decreased body fat
    • HGH increases the breakdown of stored fat (triglyceride)
    • This increased breakdown is then used to convert fat into energy
  • Brain functioning
    • HGH plays a very important role in cognitive and adrenal functions of your body
  • Liver repair
    • HGH is responsible for repairing your liver from the functional wear and tear
    • Presence of this hormone is the right amount helps your liver recover much faster
  • Cardiovascular health
    • This hormone assists you in maintaining good cardiovascular health
  • Energy levels
    • HGH by far has the maximum effect on raising the energy levels in your body
    • It boosts your mood
    • This hormone has scientifically proven to have anti ageing pptential
  • Skin tone and texture
    • HGH drastically improves your skin tone and texture

How and when is HGH released ?

  • Release of this hormone is not continuous
  • It gets released in a number of bursts or pulses every three or five hours
  • Growth hormone levels are increased by
    • Good and sound sleep
    • Exercise
    • Emotional excitement
    • Good diet
    • Low glucose levels
  • This hormones gets released in abundance in kids when they reach puberty

How to increase HGH naturally ?

Sleep well

  • Hgh gets released in pulses
  • Largest release happens in deep sleep


  • Good and high intensity exercise releases this hormone


  • Eating enough protein in diet assists natural growth of HGH


  • Giving sufficient rest to your body and your digestive system is important for release of this hoprmone
  • Intermittent fasting is very beneficial for release of HGH
  • Make sure you don’t eat a lot close to going to bed

Sugar intake

  • Reduced sugar intake in the body helps in release of HGH

Good spirits

  • Laughter may just be the best medicine for HGH production in the body


  • Reduced body fat assists in production of HGH in the body

Symptoms of low HGH in the body

  • Constant depression
  • Difficulty in focusing on tasks at hand
  • Thinning hair or losing fullness in skin
  • Menopause in women
  • Loss of muscle tone in arms or legs
  • Fat again around abdomen
  • Difficulty in building or maintaing muscles
  • Loss of bone density
  • General overweight / obesity
  • Failing to sleep in darkness
  • Difficulty in staying asleep (waking up between 2 to 4 am)
  • Poor memory

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