How to Lose Weight Without Dieting

All of us want to stay fit and be in our ideal weight. Most of the times we hear people around us talking about fad diets. But it is seen that all the weight lost due to these fad diets comes right back once we stop these unrealistic diets. Let us hear the story of Hritika Mehta, a software engineer and trained classical dancer who lost more than 12 kilos without any dieting and more importantly started feeling fit and better.

How did her fitness journey start ?

  • Hritika had just finished with her exams and was yet to join her job
  • During this period she realised that her fitness levels were extremely low
  • Hritika would feel tired the entire day, her weight was much more than what it should be
  • She decided to shed all inhibitions and joined a local gym near her house
  • The key according to her was the consistency which she maintained in her fitness journey specially in the initial days

What has been the biggest change in her life ?

  • Hritika says that after her initial tough days, it became much easier for her as she started understanding fitness better
  • She figured that it was not about weight loss alone but the overall journey of fitness which was important
  • Her inner health improved, her mental health improved
  • She started paying more attention to herself and her body
  • This even motivated her entire family to indulge in fitness

What advice does Hritika want to give to others ?

  • Everyone physical and mental attributes are different, this means what works for someone else might not work for you
  • Find what suits you and stick to it
  • Weight loss is just an part of fitness, feeling mentally and physically fit comes from leading a healthy lifestyle
  • Fitness is a continuous journey
  • Don’t stay stressed, keep changing yur workout regime
  • Have confidence in your abilities
  • Eat healthy, work out and the rest will follow
  • Stay hydrated at all times
  • Learn about fitness, nutrition and good health

What not to do

  • Hritika advices that one should avoid all fad diets
  • The weight loss due to these diets to start with isn’t healthy and once you wean off the diet, the weight judt comes roaring back
  • Consistency is the key in fitness, set long term goals for yourself and keep working towards them

How does Hritika manage her time ?

  • Being employed in a full time job it is not easy for Hritika to take time out for fitness
  • But she endeavours to spend atleast one hour daily at the gym
  • Days when she doesn’t get time to go to the gym, she does her workout at home, even it is merely walking
  • Yoga, meditation, pilates, long walks are some of the things she indulges in to stay fit

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