Chocolaty Banana Granola

Who could say no to a tasty, crunchy, and nutritious dish of granola, especially in the most popular flavor of chocolate, topped with the goodness of banana?

This simple and delectable “Banana flavored chocolaty granola” will quickly become your new morning bestie. It’s very crispy, chocolaty, and not overly sweet. Plus, there’s no additional oil or processed sugar, so it’s excellent for you!


  1. Lowers and protects cholesterol levels from damage.
  2. Helps improve blood sugar control.
  3. Eases digestion.
  4. Boosts the immunity.
  5. Enhances the skin.
  6. Helps regulate food intake and burns more energy.

PREPARATION TIME: 5-10 minutes

COOKING TIME: 10-15 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 20-25 minutes

SERVES: 12-15

CALORIES: 140 Kcal/ serve


1.Quick oats2 cups
2.Puffed rice/ Murmura2 cups
3.Virgin Coconut Oil2 tbsp.
4.Superfood Mix (Nuts and Seeds)1 cup
5.Jaggery powder½ cup
6.Cocoa powder¼ cup
7.Organic Banana powder1/3 cup
8.Desiccated coconut¼ cup
9.Choco chips (Optional)1.5 tbsp.
10.100% Peanut butter½ cup

Note: I have used Neuherbs Superfood Mix.

Checkout Neuherbs Superfood mix here:


  • It is a trail mix that combines goodness of nuts, seeds, and berries in one pack.
  • It will help you stay fit while satisfying your taste buds with healthy treats which are rich in potassium, fiber, and vitamin E.
  • It is the best known clean and organic seeds.
  • This Superfood mix can be directly added to porridge, oatmeal, smoothie, or granola bars.
  • You can carry this trail mix pack while you travel and consume it as a quick snack.
  • It is also a good source of protein, magnesium and phosphorus.


  1. Dry roast the quick oats in a pan.
  2. In another pan dry roast puffed rice, also known as murmura.
  3. In a bowl, add other ingredients including peanut butter, virgin coconut oil, jaggery powder, desiccated coconut, cocoa powder, and organic banana powder.
  4. And mix well.
  5.  Microwave the mixture for about 40 seconds.
  6. Now it’s time to combine the dry and the wet ingredients.
  7. On a plate or large tray, add dry roasted oats by sieving, murmura, (Superfood mix) mixed seeds and nuts, and wet mixture.
  8. Mix it evenly with the help of your hands.
  9. Once mixed, transfer it to a bowl and cook it to remove the dampness.
  10. There are 3 ways to cook:
  11. Microwave it for 40 -40 sec intervals; we will not do it in continuity to avoid burns.
  12. Dry roast in Kadhai.
  13. Or you can dry it in the oven as well.
  14. Once cooked, add or top it off with some mouth-watering choco chips.
  15. Let it cool down a bit and then transfer it to an airtight container.
  16. You can enjoy a spoonful as it is or maybe add some milk to enrich its taste as per your choice.



Quick OatsMurmuraVirgin Coconut OilNuts and Seeds   Jaggery PowderOrganic banana powderDesiccated coconutPeanut butter
Fiber Protein Manganese Phosphorus Magnesium Copper Iron Zinc Folate Vitamin B1Calcium Iron Vitamin D Thiamine Riboflavin FiberHealthy fats Vitamin EProtein Healthy fats Fiber Vitamin B1, B2, B3, E Magnesium Potassium Calcium Zinc Plant ironIron Magnesium Calcium PhosphorusFiber Plant protein Potassium B Vitamins Vitamin AManganese Copper IronHealthy fats Protein


2208 Kcal320 g65 g123.4 g

CALORIES: 140 Kcal/ serve

Don’t you dare say no to this appetizing and scrumptious granola!

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