Lazy Winter Hacks To Lose Belly Fat

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy. There are certain days when you are totally motivated to eat healthy and follow your workout regime religiously. But to be totally honest, there are also days specially during winters when we don’t feel like doing anything at all. These winter hacks will help you lose weight or atleast help you maintain your current weight. These hacks are very simple to follow.

Do breathing exercises

  • Use your stomach or core area for breathing to lose belly fat
  • Perform yoga breathing exercises at home
  • These breathing exercises will help you reduce stress
  • These will also help relax your muscles

Eat while looking out at nature

  • Sit close to a window or balcony
  • Research has shown that you tend to eat healthy when you’re looking out at open spaces
  • Sitting out in open is also a good way to get your required quota of Vitamin D
  • It also helps you avoid distractions like laptops, phones and tv etc
  • Don’t eat at your work table or while sitting in your bed

Eat fat to lose fat

  • Omega 3 supports digestion
  • It is also good for mental health
  • It boosts immunity and your metabolism as well
  • Cow desi ghee and virgin coconut oil are examples to such fat
  • However don’t go overboard. 1-3 tsp daily is good for you

Watch your portion size

  • Down size your plates
  • Try to eat in a blue bowl or plate
  • Don’t snack more than what can fit into your fist

Healthy eating habits

  • Eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Have colourful meals (meaning food of different colour in your plate)
  • Hide your loved snacks (avoid using transparent bottles if you have cravings)
  • Keep only healthy food on the table. Make your favorite snacks difficult to reach in the kitchen
  • Eat in the magic window of 3 – 5 pm

Follow a detox day

  • Follow one detox day in the week
  • It is easier to follow in the winters as lots of options for fruits and vegetables are available

Carry a thermos flask around

  • This will ensure that you can continue sipping on warm water through out the day
  • This will cut the effort of heating water frequently

Choose your drinks wisely

  • Avoid too many teas / coffee or regular hot choclates
  • Have herbal tea, soups etc instead

Put your spoon down after every bite

  • This practice will ensure that you eat slowly and chew your food properly
  • Gulping down food quickly without giving it a thought will make you eat extra

Pay attention to your posture

  • Sit in a correct posture
  • Avoid sitting in one posture for too long
  • Sitting with a crocked back will make you get that muffin top around your belly

Set rewards for moving more

  • Set yourself goals
  • Set yourself rewards for moving more
  • Thism will motivate you to get up and move more


  • Laughing more is the easiest way to lose those extra calories
  • Surrond yourself with positive people who make you feel good

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