Four Things That Stop You From Getting A Flat Belly

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing good and are keeping healthy and happy.    We all know how hard it is to lose that stubborn belly fat. However, by doing certain simple things correctly, you can control and effectively reduce your belly fat. Let’s look at some mistakes which we inadvertantly commit which stop us from losing that stubborn belly fat.

Excess Caffeine

  • Tea including green tea, black tea or black coffee contains caffeine
  • How you consume your coffe, at what time you consume it and how much you consume affects your daily energy levels
  • It also affects your mind, your digestion, metabolism and your ability to lose fat
  • Caffeine is a natural stimulant, it stimulates the brain and central nervous system that makes you alert and boosts your energy levels
  • Caffeine also gets immediately absorbed from the gut to the bloodstream
  • Time to avoid caffeine
    • You should avoid caffeine immediately after waking up in the morning, let your body, mind and system wake up on it’s own. Have water or enjoy a fruit at this time instead
    • Wait for atleast 90 minutes after waking up to have your tea / coffee
    • Avoid caffeine with or immediately after meals as well
    • Caffeine should also be avoided close to bed time since it stays in the bloodstream for hours
  • Best time to have caffeine is between 1000 hours to 1600 hours in between meals
  • Consume green or black coffee with spices like tulsi and cinnamon. Don’t consume too much of sugar with your tea / coffee
  • People with slow metabolism should also avoid caffeine as much as possible
  • Caffeine puts added pressure on your adrenal glands
    • When your adrenals are in overdrive, it can prevent your digestive system from working as it should
    • It also increases your appetite
    • In the long run, it can also encourage your body to hold onto more belly fat
  • Caffeine raises the stress hormone cortisol, which tells your body to increase it’s energy stores and also raises the heart rate and blood pressure

Eating Fast

  • When people eat fast they tend to not feel full and are more likely to overeat
  • One may also feel abdominal pain after eating fast due to difficulty in digestion
  • You feel bloated and gassy as well
  • Eating fast is linked to metabolism syndrome
  • Unchewed food quickly flowing into the stomach in large quantities can lead to acid reflux, which means that the stomach acid flows into the foodpipe causing a burning sensation
  • Associated complications include indigestion, heartburn, nausea, abdominal pain and difficulty in swallowing
  • How you eat your meal decides how well it will be digested, absorbed, utilised and eliminated from your system
  • Eating too fast or not chewing the food properly, not sitting properly while eating or eating with distractions can lead to poor digestion and slow metabolism


  • Stress increases cortisol hormone, excess cortisol causes central obesity
  • Signs of stress include tight jaws, stiffness in body, frown face, shallow breathing, excessive thinking, complaining, critising, judging about others
  • Deep breathing, huming a tune, write down the issues, talking it out helps relieve you of stress

Spending Long Hours On Gadgets

  • Sitting at one place for long and poor posture leads to muffin top
  • How and where you place the laptop or how you hold your phone makes a lot of difference
  • Have a dedicated palce in the house to use your gadgets
  • Go offline or do digital detox for a few hours everyday

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