Healthy Carrot Pancakes

It becomes very tough for the parents to provide their children a balanced diet and fulfill their nutrient requirements, and thus nutritional deficiencies and disorders make their way.

This “Carrot Pancake” is a disguise for the kids which they will definitely love to eat and unknowingly they will also consume a well-balanced amount of essential vitamins and minerals along with satiety.

Carrot is known to be the best Vitamin A source that is essential for good eyesight, healthy hair, and skin. Other ingredients used in the recipe are also very nutritious including jaggery, oats, and eggs.

This is a golden recipe for the parents who always worry to provide their kids ultimate nutrition but fail to arrange the meals with the best and nutrient-dense ingredients.


  1. Promotes and supports bone health.
  2. Help keeps blood sugar levels in control.
  3. Helps lower diabetes risk.
  4. Boosts the immune system.
  5. Good for the eyesight.


COOKING TIME: 5-10 minutes

TOTAL TIME: 15-20 minutes

Serves: 2-3

Calories: 204 Kcal/ Serve


1.Carrot½ cup
2.Quick Oats½ cup
3.Whole wheat flour¼ cup
4.Jaggery powder2.5 tsp.
5.Whole egg1
6.Water50 ml/ as required
7.Baking Powder1/8 tsp.
8.Vanilla ExtractOptional


  1. In a mixer jar, add chopped carrots, quick oats, whole wheat flour, and jaggery powder.
  2. Blend and mix them well.
  3. Now add a whole egg by cracking it into the mixer and blend again.
  4. Transfer the blended mixture into a bowl/cup.
  5.  Add vanilla extract and baking powder to it and mix.
  6. For cooking, warm an iron tava.
  7. Spread some oil and pour the carrot pancake batter on it.
  8. Cover it with a lid, and cook until it’s golden brown on both sides.
  9. Your deliciously nutritious “CARROT PANCAKES” are ready.
  10. Top it off with some honey and you are good to go!


  1. Make sure to cook the pancakes on low heat with a lid on.
  2. Batter consistency is a crucial factor that decides the end product, so make sure to make it perfect; the batter should be neither very thick nor very runny!
  3. The pores/holes in the pancakes indicate that they are nicely and perfectly cooked from the inside.


Carrots are an excellent source of Vitamin A and are also a good source of other B vitamins as well as Vitamin K and potassium.

Oats contain an excellent amount of antioxidants and powerful soluble fiber. Oats are not only rich in fiber and carbs, but protein as well.

Eggs contain the highest quality protein and it always provides a great source of Vitamin-D.

Jaggery purifies the blood and cleanses the respiratory tract, the lungs, and also the digestive tract.

408 Kcal68 g15 g8 g

Calories: 204 Kcal/ Serve

Count on these yummy, delicious, and kid’s favorite “Carrot Pancakes” for the snacks!

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