How Fast You Can Lose Belly Fat?

Hello Everyone, hope you’re all keeping safe, healthy and happy. Losing belly fat and those extra inches around the waist seems like an herculean task. The mid section or the stomach area is the hardest to lose weight from. This article is meant to inform and update you about the various factors which decide how fast or slow you’ll lose weight specially around your stomach area. Let’s dive in and see what these factors are


  • Women mostly have a greater fat to muscle ratio than men
  • They also have 5-10 % lower resting rate metabolism rate than men
  • This would imply than women would generally take a little longer than men to lose weight
  • However, this may be initially and in the short run


  • With increasing age, the fat mass increases and muscle mass in the decreases
  • The metabolism rate of the body also drops
  • There are many alterations which take place in the joints and other body parts
  • Many good hormones level drops
  • This means that with increasing age, it becomes a tad bit difficult to lose that extra weight


  • Your diet is probably the most important factor in losing weight
  • Poor or low calorie diet would mean that you eat more and put on more weight
  • A healthy and balanced diet on the other hand does wonder to your body


  • If you’ve just started working out, your body will take longer to lose weight
  • At the advanced level you know extactly which areas to concentrate on to lose that stubborn weight

Body Posture

  • Maintaining a poor posture at all times will result in a unfit body
  • Good posture on the other hand will ensure that the body stays fit

Stress Levels

  • Stress is probably the most under rated factor in weight loss
  • High or even moderate stress leads to secretion of unwanted hormones in the body
  • These hormones are responsible for you putting on extra weight
  • This weight is even more difficult to shed
  • Staying happy and stress free is pivotal for healthy weight loss

Digestive Issues

  • Maintaning good gut health is imperative to maintain your ideal weight
  • An unhealthy gut would lead to complications resulting in wanted weight gain

Activity Level

  • Apart from eating healthy, the activity level in your daily life results in your body staying fit
  • When you’re active, you’ll not gain weight, inactivity on the other hand will result in unwanted weight gain which is difficult to shed


After a hard day’s work, getting adequate rest is very important for your body

Less or bad quality sleep will result in lethargy ultimately leading to weight gain

Good quality adequate sleep on the other hand prepares you for the rigorous days

Healthy Lifestyle

  • It is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle
  • This includes keeping all the negativity away in your life


  • If you’re a male in your 20’s or below in good physical condition you should lose  that extra weight in 1-3 months
  • A female on the other hand in her 20’s and in good physical condition should lose the extra weight in 2-5 months
  • Male / Female in 30’s with mild medical issues should take around 6-10 months to lose the extra weight
  • Male / Female in 40’s with some medical condition should take around a year to lose the extra weight
  • Male / Female 45 years and above with some chronic disorder would take 1-3 years to lose that extra weight around the belly

This a very generic way to look at the timelines to lose belly fat, there are several other factors like body shape and body type which play a very important role in weight loss

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