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How To Lose Weight Permanently

All of us want to know the secret of losing weight permanently and not getting it back. Exercising and proper diet is just one of the aspects which makes a difference in losing weight and not getting it back. However, there are other simple things which you need to do. Have you ever wondered why we never need any motivation to do things that gives us pleasure. On the other hand, it’s difficult to concentrate on things for which the result are to be seen in the future. Losing weight permanently is all about finding out how to get yourself motivated to enjoy the everyday work for our future healthy self

Be sincere and not serious about weight loss

  • Being sincere will ensure you get motivated from inside to concentrate on your workout regime
  • Your workout thus will not feel like a burden and you’ll feel motivated to put that extra effort
  • Once you are motivated to be fit, you will not look for excuses to skip a workout. Rather you’ll make that extra effort to ensure you get the hours in

Turn small things into fun

  • Tracking your progress and enjoying the small milestones can be hugely motivating
  • Set small goals / milestones for yourself and put in the work to achieve them
  • Set goals which are achievable

Include like minded people in your workout

  • Doing the workout single can be monotonus and boring
  • Find and include a workout partner who can work on achieving similar goals with you
  • Having a partner is constant motivation for the both of you to put in the extra effort to achieve your goals
  • This will make your workout even more enjoyable

Set the right environment

  • The environment around you has to be conducive for workout
  • Make the environment more appealing
  • Listening to your kind of music, going to places where you feel motivated makes you work that extra bit harder
  • If required you can even reorganise your space around you
  • Try to make places and things more attractive around you

Music and books

  • Music and books can be great stress busters
  • Make a playlist for your workout
  • Apart from workout, even during a normal day, read books and listen to music which is soothing
  • You can have playlist / books for different occasions
  • Make sure the temperature in the room is perfect for your workout

Make it more meaningful

  • Working out for the heck of it is meaningless
  • Make sure every day you workout means something
  • Set your daily / weekly / montly goals
  • Go all out to achieve these goals
  • Every workout session should have a goal, every session should be meaningful for you

There are no short cuts

  • For you to achieve your goals, hard work is the only option
  • There are no short cuts
  • Cutting corners to achieve your goals in a quick time frame seldom works
  • Fitness and good health should be your constant companion. Don’t look to lose weight for someone else or for any particular event
  • Concentrate on doing your best out of self love and self care
  • Good health should be a priority and not just your appearance

Figure things out

  • For anything which you don’t know specially concerning fitness, avoid using words like I can’t / I don’t. Instead, start saying I can’t do it yet but I’ll figure it out soon
  • You should seek professional help if you think you need it
  • Share your fitness journey with your family and friends
  • This adds as an extra source of motivation for you to achieve
  • Always remember, weight loss is not all about reaching a number on the scale. It should be about enjoying the entire process to reach your goal

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